Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's Cold in Here!!

Hey yall! Did you miss me? If your related to me you are required by law to say yes..So, I'm back from my mini-vacation..Once again, thanks to my mother in law!! You ROCK, Gma..So we had a really good time in R-town..Swimming in the pool's...Getting to know my new sis in law better (and she is awesome)...And getting my hand's on the newest (and probably not the last) Thompson..Sweet baby girl..She is gorgeous..so little..but oh, so smelly when she need's a diaper change!!! I breastfed (ewww, sorry D and Girl Child) all mine, and their poo didn't stink that bad...but oh, my goodness...new baby girl is a true Thompson...
Anyway, my a/c is fixed!! Yeah!!! Thank's Uncle Todd for the name of the Professional.. Now, i'm actually COLD!!! yep, I said cold..When the a/c was out, I didn't do much cleaning..**ok, so I really don't do a lot of cleaning anyway**, but today I cleaned my Booties off....There is actually a whole "path" through my house that you can walk through and not trip over anything. WOW, huh?
So, my little ones where good at g-ma's house. There were no holes knocked in the wall or anything!! Though, i'm pretty sure Girl Child is trying to drive g'ma right up the wall..Now you know what i'm talking about g-ma!! You gotta love a 13 year old girl..And she's just like me, so you know, she gets the smartbutt thing from me..Of course, I had enough brains to roll my eye's AFTER my mom/g-ma walked away..not right where they could see me...Again, love to ya g-ma.. Oh, and g-ma, don't Kill her!!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thank God for Mother In Laws

And yes, I did just type the sentence "thank God for mother in laws"..Never thought i'd say that (just kidding of course)...Luv to ya G-Ma. Anyway, my mother in law RESCUED me from my oven of a house..and yes, I left hubby to stew in his own sweat..Whisked me off to the big R town..My ears popped from the hills..And I am now sitting in the ac, kicking out this post on my M-I-L's circa 1985 keyboard..(again, luv to ya G-Ma)..We are going to the pool later...still can't find a razor in this house...so if you swim by me, I will be the one with a mommy bathing suit on that looooooks like Chewbaca...Yep, it's that bad..
Ok, TMI???? *cricket,cricket*..
Hubby is currently slaving away in rain/heat of J town..trying to get our BIG ac unit working..That's gonna be hard, considering the other one blew up and blew junk into our lines....Awww, but we've hired a professional to do it...Yep people, seems all i need to do to get a Professional hired to do the job right (meaning not duct taped which is hubby's favorite thing to use to FIX things...) is to ... LEAVE MY HUSBAND...Shoot, You think I could get my house re-done if I stayed in R town?? Not likely...Said hubby would probably come up here and duct tape me to the car to come home...hmmm, not bad..but that's another post...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stuck in a Rut

Well. the airconditioner fairie didn't come while we were gone to get something to eat in the ac...at Golden Corrall (ummm). It was to celebrate Dylan's birthday that's tomorrow..and eat in the ac...oh, and it was kids night at GC so they ate for 1.99 each!!!! YEAH!!! THANK YOU HUBBY FOR TAKING US TO EAT THERE. IN THE AC!!! (i was obligated, er, made to put that last statement in).....Anywhoo...it's still hot as hell in here...and once again all of the angels *brats* are going to sleep in the master bedroom....SWEET...
Any way i will update yall on Dylan's birthday details, and about girl child's having her "hair did" by her Grandma....Should be interesting Yall...
As you might can tell, or maybe you can't, that said brats are still awake reeking havock on my bedroom....Time to quit posting and start wipping some tail!!!!!


Hello there...so why the whole "no pink or purple please"? Well see, the only girl child of mine is visiting/punishing grandma for a few weeks..or day's if she tries to set fire to grandma's house ONE MORE TIME...anywhoo, grandma is going to give girl child Highlites today...EEEEKKKK!!! I get an innocent text from girl child going "dearest mommie, may grandmother please have permission to put highlight's in my hair, please mommie, may I get highlites"....ok, so that's a lie..it was more like "yo, maw, grandma's putting some color in my hair...got a problem with it"...ok, so that's not true either..it was a really basic text asking politely if she could have highlites...but i know my girl child and could totally read between the lines of the text and believe me the "yo, maw" verison is what she was really thinking....OK...so she's getting highlites from grandma (who is actually a totally "hip" grandma and all) and my only response is NOT PINK OR PURPLE PLEASE!!!
Good luck girls, please don't poke anyone's eye out...or try to set fire to grandmas' house again...especially if your hair's beeing highlited...just imagine the camera crews interviewing you about what happened.......hmmmm

I'm Hottt!!!

Ok, so you don't have to escort the kiddies out of the room to read this post. I'm HOT because our AirConditioner quit again...I swear, nothing works here but me!! HA! So the only ac that works in our house is the one in the master bedroom...aka the temple of doom, er, love. Anyway, so I have had the kids in here with me since last night..all day today...all day today...Pretty sure my kids could be used to break the Hardest Criminal's into telling their secrets..At this point i'm ready to EXPLODE!! I even tried wathcing 18 kids and counting, the one where they are iced in for like 6 day's, for moral support. All that talk about "the kid's are watching me to see how i'll react, so i've got to stay calm"...well, if my kids are watching me then they are seeing my head actually rotate around..while steam comes from my ears..while shouting things like "you know who i'm talking about", and "don't put that booger in your mouth while setting on my bed" (kid get's off the bed and put's said booger in mouth..ewww)Anyway I LOVE me some DUGGARS, so no disrespect on that end..it's just today there doesn't seem to be enough Zanax in the world to keep me Duggar calm today......I quess this is more like a RANT than a post...
Besides all this, tomorrow is my little baby boys birthday..and yes, Dylan, you will alway's be my little baby boy..(never mind the fact that my baby is 6 ft 2 and wears a size 14 cleat)..and he's only going to be 15...Seem's like i've been talking UP to my baby boy since he was like 8...So, ok, i'm having trouble beliving that he is really growing up..and that mean's i'm getting old.....of course that's a whole other post...
Hope my troubles give yall a good laugh, because heaven knows that's all i'm living off of..laugh's...and zanax
P.S. Just joking about the zanax thing....... : )

Monday, June 21, 2010

Paging Dr. Taylor

Ok, so the hubby was recently diagnosed with DIABETES.. We are all making changes...ie, the hubby is coming up with some unique hiding places to hide his cookies...anyway, our 5 year old is with us all the time (he's the only one not in school, yet), and has watched since the begining the whole Diabetes regime that my hubby goes through..So much that now when it's time to check hubby's blood sugar level..we page "Dr. Taylor"..our 5 year old comes running and
a)get's the "pack" that contains hubby's diabetic supplies
b)gets out the "pen" and puts in a new poker
c)gets the alcohol pad out and "washes" daddy's finger
d)while he waits for daddy's finger to dry, he loads the meter
e)after daddy's finger is dry, he then "pokes" daddy's finger
f)then he put's the meter to daddy's blood ~~ewww~~
g)before daddy can hide what the meter's said he so cutely call's out 300, or some other high humber...cookies that hubby's been cheating with, remember?
soooo.."Dr. Taylor"
1)goes to the fridge and get's daddy's insulin
2)runs back and give's it to me to warm
3)get's the needle out and ready
4)take's his beloved alcohol pads out and cleans the insulin bottle
5)While I hold the bottle he put the needle in (not joking) and draws the insulin
6)then he gives it to me and yell's at his dad to "ROLL OBER" 5YO speak for roll over
7)he disenfects the area and then I give the shot
oh, and he get's really mad if we don't call him DR Taylor....I can just imagine the angry phone calls from girls fathers when he's a teenager and tries to play "DR Taylor"

Forgive me, i'm new to this

Ok, so this is my first post...what do I want to post about? Anyone have any suggestions? *cricket, cricket* Ok. So here I go...I'm a mom to a total of 7 kids. The whole, *his, mine, and ours* saying totally go here...I had 2 from a previous marriage, he had 2 from a previous marriage, then we ~decided~ to have 3 more (boys of course)...so 2+2+3=7 kids...6 boys and a girl...
Anyway, here it is summer time and i'm going nuts already. It's hot as hell here already, so i've got a ton of kids stuck up my tail 24/7 or so it seems...WTH am I supposed to do with all the kids to keep them occupied all summer? I know, to make my mom and mother in law cringe...I could let them run naked in the house while holding scissors (and not the blunt tip kind) in there hands!!! Or, I could park them in front of the tv/xbox all day while I try to figure out this whole blogging thing...Neither one will win me Mother of the Year awards so....I quess i'll save DSS and my mom/mother in law a well being check and park them in front of the tv...Oh, and i'd never let my teenagers run naked in the house...EEWW...So for the teenagers they can just go back to ignoring me/texting their friends the stupid stuff I said/did, and generally just pretending I don't exist....Until they need clean laundry, or money for the movies..
There's one person I haven't really mentioned...My hubby...He's OK, I quess.....