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Monday, June 21, 2010

Forgive me, i'm new to this

Ok, so this is my first post...what do I want to post about? Anyone have any suggestions? *cricket, cricket* Ok. So here I go...I'm a mom to a total of 7 kids. The whole, *his, mine, and ours* saying totally go here...I had 2 from a previous marriage, he had 2 from a previous marriage, then we ~decided~ to have 3 more (boys of course) 2+2+3=7 kids...6 boys and a girl...
Anyway, here it is summer time and i'm going nuts already. It's hot as hell here already, so i've got a ton of kids stuck up my tail 24/7 or so it seems...WTH am I supposed to do with all the kids to keep them occupied all summer? I know, to make my mom and mother in law cringe...I could let them run naked in the house while holding scissors (and not the blunt tip kind) in there hands!!! Or, I could park them in front of the tv/xbox all day while I try to figure out this whole blogging thing...Neither one will win me Mother of the Year awards so....I quess i'll save DSS and my mom/mother in law a well being check and park them in front of the tv...Oh, and i'd never let my teenagers run naked in the house...EEWW...So for the teenagers they can just go back to ignoring me/texting their friends the stupid stuff I said/did, and generally just pretending I don't exist....Until they need clean laundry, or money for the movies..
There's one person I haven't really mentioned...My hubby...He's OK, I quess.....

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