Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I'm Hottt!!!

Ok, so you don't have to escort the kiddies out of the room to read this post. I'm HOT because our AirConditioner quit again...I swear, nothing works here but me!! HA! So the only ac that works in our house is the one in the master bedroom...aka the temple of doom, er, love. Anyway, so I have had the kids in here with me since last night..all day today...all day today...Pretty sure my kids could be used to break the Hardest Criminal's into telling their secrets..At this point i'm ready to EXPLODE!! I even tried wathcing 18 kids and counting, the one where they are iced in for like 6 day's, for moral support. All that talk about "the kid's are watching me to see how i'll react, so i've got to stay calm"...well, if my kids are watching me then they are seeing my head actually rotate around..while steam comes from my ears..while shouting things like "you know who i'm talking about", and "don't put that booger in your mouth while setting on my bed" (kid get's off the bed and put's said booger in mouth..ewww)Anyway I LOVE me some DUGGARS, so no disrespect on that end..it's just today there doesn't seem to be enough Zanax in the world to keep me Duggar calm today......I quess this is more like a RANT than a post...
Besides all this, tomorrow is my little baby boys birthday..and yes, Dylan, you will alway's be my little baby boy..(never mind the fact that my baby is 6 ft 2 and wears a size 14 cleat)..and he's only going to be 15...Seem's like i've been talking UP to my baby boy since he was like 8...So, ok, i'm having trouble beliving that he is really growing up..and that mean's i'm getting old.....of course that's a whole other post...
Hope my troubles give yall a good laugh, because heaven knows that's all i'm living off of..laugh's...and zanax
P.S. Just joking about the zanax thing....... : )

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  1. The hep grandma is about to turn that child of yours hair green and cut it to about 3 inches long! And .. sadly.. we have A/C.. but I have no Ginger Ale as Miss Girl dumped it all over the floor .. after setting fire to it and the milk.. How can any one turn on a burner and put the bags on it at the same blasted time... you need to put her in some kind of bubble for safety... for US..and she asked "I'm not that bad am I???" Should I really answer her?? By the way.. to go with the green hair.. I will give her black eyes.. but I must say, she is starting to catch on to modesty! It only takes 24/7 nagging..


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