Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's Cold in Here!!

Hey yall! Did you miss me? If your related to me you are required by law to say yes..So, I'm back from my mini-vacation..Once again, thanks to my mother in law!! You ROCK, Gma..So we had a really good time in R-town..Swimming in the pool's...Getting to know my new sis in law better (and she is awesome)...And getting my hand's on the newest (and probably not the last) Thompson..Sweet baby girl..She is gorgeous..so little..but oh, so smelly when she need's a diaper change!!! I breastfed (ewww, sorry D and Girl Child) all mine, and their poo didn't stink that bad...but oh, my goodness...new baby girl is a true Thompson...
Anyway, my a/c is fixed!! Yeah!!! Thank's Uncle Todd for the name of the Professional.. Now, i'm actually COLD!!! yep, I said cold..When the a/c was out, I didn't do much cleaning..**ok, so I really don't do a lot of cleaning anyway**, but today I cleaned my Booties off....There is actually a whole "path" through my house that you can walk through and not trip over anything. WOW, huh?
So, my little ones where good at g-ma's house. There were no holes knocked in the wall or anything!! Though, i'm pretty sure Girl Child is trying to drive g'ma right up the wall..Now you know what i'm talking about g-ma!! You gotta love a 13 year old girl..And she's just like me, so you know, she gets the smartbutt thing from me..Of course, I had enough brains to roll my eye's AFTER my mom/g-ma walked away..not right where they could see me...Again, love to ya g-ma.. Oh, and g-ma, don't Kill her!!!

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