Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hello there...so why the whole "no pink or purple please"? Well see, the only girl child of mine is visiting/punishing grandma for a few weeks..or day's if she tries to set fire to grandma's house ONE MORE TIME...anywhoo, grandma is going to give girl child Highlites today...EEEEKKKK!!! I get an innocent text from girl child going "dearest mommie, may grandmother please have permission to put highlight's in my hair, please mommie, may I get highlites"....ok, so that's a lie..it was more like "yo, maw, grandma's putting some color in my hair...got a problem with it"...ok, so that's not true either..it was a really basic text asking politely if she could have highlites...but i know my girl child and could totally read between the lines of the text and believe me the "yo, maw" verison is what she was really thinking....OK...so she's getting highlites from grandma (who is actually a totally "hip" grandma and all) and my only response is NOT PINK OR PURPLE PLEASE!!!
Good luck girls, please don't poke anyone's eye out...or try to set fire to grandmas' house again...especially if your hair's beeing highlited...just imagine the camera crews interviewing you about what happened.......hmmmm

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