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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Stuck in a Rut

Well. the airconditioner fairie didn't come while we were gone to get something to eat in the Golden Corrall (ummm). It was to celebrate Dylan's birthday that's tomorrow..and eat in the ac...oh, and it was kids night at GC so they ate for 1.99 each!!!! YEAH!!! THANK YOU HUBBY FOR TAKING US TO EAT THERE. IN THE AC!!! (i was obligated, er, made to put that last statement in)'s still hot as hell in here...and once again all of the angels *brats* are going to sleep in the master bedroom....SWEET...
Any way i will update yall on Dylan's birthday details, and about girl child's having her "hair did" by her Grandma....Should be interesting Yall...
As you might can tell, or maybe you can't, that said brats are still awake reeking havock on my bedroom....Time to quit posting and start wipping some tail!!!!!

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