Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thank God for Mother In Laws

And yes, I did just type the sentence "thank God for mother in laws"..Never thought i'd say that (just kidding of course)...Luv to ya G-Ma. Anyway, my mother in law RESCUED me from my oven of a house..and yes, I left hubby to stew in his own sweat..Whisked me off to the big R town..My ears popped from the hills..And I am now sitting in the ac, kicking out this post on my M-I-L's circa 1985 keyboard..(again, luv to ya G-Ma)..We are going to the pool later...still can't find a razor in this if you swim by me, I will be the one with a mommy bathing suit on that looooooks like Chewbaca...Yep, it's that bad..
Ok, TMI???? *cricket,cricket*..
Hubby is currently slaving away in rain/heat of J town..trying to get our BIG ac unit working..That's gonna be hard, considering the other one blew up and blew junk into our lines....Awww, but we've hired a professional to do it...Yep people, seems all i need to do to get a Professional hired to do the job right (meaning not duct taped which is hubby's favorite thing to use to FIX things...) is to ... LEAVE MY HUSBAND...Shoot, You think I could get my house re-done if I stayed in R town?? Not likely...Said hubby would probably come up here and duct tape me to the car to come home...hmmm, not bad..but that's another post...

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