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Thursday, July 22, 2010

If your squeamish, don't read!!


Ok, so mmaybe it wasn't that bad!!! It all happend a few day's ago, and I just recoverd enough to post it. It all went down like this:

"Hey Hubby, it time to poke you"...err, (check his blood sugar level)...To which Hubby replies "Fine"..So I get his checker out, give him a alcohol swab, load the poker, load the machine...He pokes himself, I put the machine up to the blood and....nothing, there wasn't enough blood...So the (genius) i'm married/stuck to, SQUEEZES HIS FINGER AND BLOOD SQUIRTED ALL OVER HIS FACE/HAND/ARMS/MOUTH/ME.....WTH? I'm talking ARTERIAL SPRAY here people!!! Let me just pause so you can gag/puke/choke (on a water bottle filled with chewed up hamburger meat)!!! YOU ARE WELCOME G-MA!!
Ok, anywhoooo,
I would love to say that after all i've been through with him...numerous surgery's, a "chainsaw" incident, a "stabbing" incident (word to the wise: don't watch cheaters with your husband and ask him "if that was me honey, who cheated on you...would you take me back like that guy just did?") And FYI, I didn't get stabbed, "he stabbed his self showing off, officer"....Where was I? Oh, the part where I tottally get grossed out and couldn't even bother to try to hide my *grossed out-ness*...and then i screamed like a girl, had mouth vomit, near bout passed out...yes people, my husband was asking me if I was ok? So here he is with Blood all over the place/face/sheets...and the only thing I have handy is one of his new I threw/tossed it to him, (gaaged) and he doesn't want to use it because it was his NEW sock...Huh? dude, get over it.....I reached around and found a OLD sock, threw it to him and ran (like a girl, no doubt) back to my side of the bed!!! But, before he stopps the bleeding, i still need to check his level, so I pull it together, turn the machine Back on, check the level...I won't devulge the number (his mama reads this)...We (he) get the bleeding to stop, we (he) get's his self cleaned up *gag* and then he's over it...However, i'm still gagging/choking/tottally grossed out....TO THIS DAY..I'M STILL GROSSED OUT..
In MY defence, y'all, i'm not normally a girl who get's grossed out..I've given birth 5 times people!! And, i'm married to a redneck...And, I'VE GIVEN BIRTH 5 TIMES, wait, i've already said that..I honestley don't know why I reacted so badly....I quess we will chalk it all up to just having a BAD DAY...Don't know what else to say...
It all ended up ok... Hubby stopped "spraying" blood everywhere, the sheet's were washed...good thing my color is red..
Just thought i'd pass it along..
You'r Welcome.

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