Friday, July 30, 2010


Hey y'all...How y'all been doing? Me? Oh, I'm fine and so are the kids...and, hubby's still alive so..there ya go. I'm just a little (a lot) homesick. My Beautiful niece K.M. is getting married on Thursday...And I thought that I was going to be able to SNEAK down there and make a *SPECIAL APPEARANCE*...A little to late I realized that Sneaking was impossible..I'm from Alabama y'all, and we like to gossip...anyway, I thought I had everything figured out...But reality stepped in and gave me a big ol' slap in the face (Ike Turner like)..How in the world can plane tickets go from 240.00 to 450.00 in the span of 24 hours???? Geesh...Ya ll do the math..My wonderful sister-in-law B offered to help us out with the cost (thanks b)...and between me, and my hubby, and my sisnlaw we were gonna be able to get enough for the $240.00 ticket!! Yeah!!! And I was soooo happy/excited/stoked about getting able to go home. BY MYSELF!!!I've got like 20 kids y'all, and alone time for me consist of locking the bathroom door, and trying to ignore the banging/yelling/pulling/fingers sticking out of the bottom of the door (and that's just from my hubby) all the while trying to use the bathroom...

Anywhoo, I was going to be able to see my Whole Family...My mama and papa, and my Granny R (I'm her favorite, shut up y'all all know it :p) for the first time in like 3 or 4 years....But alas, I guess it wasn't meant to be. I'll still be there in spirit. I guess I should be I don't have to shave my legs/get my hair did/worry about looking fat (5 kids=rolls in places you Didn't know you have) I guess there's the upside...But I so was ready to do all of the above, to see all my family...I guess I'm just homesick..It is really funny how much you can't wait to get out of your hometown....only to yearn later on in life to go back home. I know, I know.. I did it to myself...Oh, the things I would tell myself if I ever ran into my 17 year old self....

Anywhoo...just thought i'd share this with all yall...I can't wait to see the pictures!!!And CONGRATULATIONS to my niece K.M. and her fiance K..may all your dreams come true..
Love Aunt J

The plan was going to go down like this: I asked Mrs.L,(and her handsome husband Mr.R) if they would pick me up from the airport on Thursday at 6am...And come and surprise Granny R first...then the rest of yall...and I was going to stay there visiting everyone (by myself) and not leave until 7am on Monday!!! That was going to be a long visit...Thanks anyway Mrs. L and Mr.R for being willing to be my *partners-in-crime* and being willing to come all the way to Bham to pick me up for *Operation Sneek*...It means alot to me that you would do that for me. You know that i've always loved yall, Mrs.L, right?
And thanks to my sis-in-law, B for everything.

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