Monday, July 19, 2010

There is SOMETHING in the water.

Uuggghh...YUCK!!!GrOOOsss..Gag...blech..You get it? I don't think you do...Let me break it down for ya....For those of you who know me, we have well water..icky well water..but said well water has nothing to do with this post (SHOCK)..
It all went down like this:
We were all at the dinner table (which happens to be a outside picnic table, whatever, we have like 20 kids) SHARING stories about our day, eating homemade hamburgers (i.e. Ghetto Burgers on regular bread)..And every body's having a good time..Yeah, maybe everyone is shoveling food in THEIR mouth, and eating their macaroni with their hands...OK, back to where I was...
The dinner: Ghetto Burgers
The drink: Bottled water
ME: "J.R. quit drinking so much water and eat some of your burger"
JR: "FINE"...Now picture his mouth saying *FINE*, and the water bottle being slammed down on the table...Now picture me watching said water bottle as it settled on the imagine a "mini tornado" of chewed up hamburger meat settling on the bottom of the bottle...
ME: "OMG, gross JR"
Hubby: "EWWW"
3 little brats: "Awesome"..."Cool"
The lesson here: Look before you drink

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