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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Congratulations K&K

This is post is to my niece "red".. I love you baby, and you looked beautiful in all the pictures that I saw today (thanks j)..I want you to know how proud I am of you. You did it the right way!! You learned from all our mistakes...and the list of mistakes would be to long to post.. And you have done it the right way!! Yeah. I never could imagine how beautiful you would be (face it, you were pudgy and had red hair)...Just kidding...And to your wonderful fiance' K..You had better treat her right, because all us "ladies" can get real redneck, real quick...And by redneck I mean...I have a 93 surburban with 4 wheel drive and i aint afraid to use it...and if you don't believe me, just ask my husband...and i own some swamp land to...and we have gators....ok,ok, you do realize i'm kidding right? Ok, Mostly kidding...but you get the gyst right?? But, if my niece loves you, then I love you...and i've already heard about how good of a guy you are (and your really cute too) just be sweet to each other and it will all be ok.

Now, Kaila...what you need to get is a good Cast Iron Skillet/Frying pan...they tend to shut up and listen to you when your wielding one of those :)

Ok, so i've said my piece to K, and gave my love to K.M. What else am I forgetting?

Oh, yeah to my sissy V, and my brother in law S...yall did a wonderful job on raising K.M...and sissy you looked hot in the pics...I tried reall hard (and i mean really hard) to come and be there for yall/me...And I should say here thanks again to my sister in law B for offering to help with the plane ticket..but darn those airlines, 450.00 geesh. Thanks, B.

Oh, and J. you looked hot too... And so did miss "kracker"...I want lots of pictures updloaded so I can feel like i'm there...
And ok, this it probably T.M.I. but I even shaved my legs today, in honor of K.M. and since most of yall know me, uh, i'm usually like a female version of Chewbaca...Hey, it's like a defense keep my hubby away!!! HAHAHAH...

Anywhoo, i know this is kinda been a rambling post, but i love you K.M...And I hope tomorrow brings you everything you wanted..and deserve...

And I wouldn't mind, like getting messages, like "doing our hair" or "aunt C just took a nose dive"...Those kinda things...

Aunt J

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