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Thursday, May 31, 2012

What a day

How was your day? Mine? O it was a FANTASTIC  very exciting day. Now for those of you who know me know that Thing 1, and Mini-me (or Girl Child) has had EOGs this week. And that they MUST be to school on time. So after I cooked breakfast (biscuts, sausage, grits, and eggs) and I was headed out the door with Man-Child and Mini-me we couldn't find the keys. Man Child went to the van and discovered that Hubby had locked the keys in the car in yet another one of his brilliant moments!!! OK, no problem, we will just get the extra set of keys......Except that Hubby can't find his off he goes with Man-Child to try to use a coat hanger to open the car....It looks easy on TV, but oh boy, it's not so easy in real life. As Mini-Me and Thing 1 and I tore the house apart looking for the extra set of keys the boys finally finagled the door open!! YAY!!! But  lets not get TOO excited yet. The door wouldn't shut right, and when you open and close the door it makes a weird sound.....
And on top of that I realize that the van was on EMPTY!!!! And I hadn't PRIED  gotten the gas money from Hubby hand before I left....So what to do? I have 20 minutes to get Mini-me to school before she was late for her EOG"S and still needed gas. So i cursed took a chance and kept on getting it. We made it to her school on time, on fumes, and then we coasted in to the gas station for some gas. As luck would have it, I had 13.00 whole dollars left on my pre-paid visa. So in went 13.00 and it didn't even move the needle!!!! Then I took Man-Child to school who by this time was SOOOO late.....I flew home to make sure that Thing1, 2, and 3 got on the bus ....Thankfully hubby had hobbled down the road with them and I got there about 4 minutes before the bus was there. I was relieved they were there....BUT... Thing 3 hair wasn't brushed, and neither was Thing 2...I don't even want to think about whether or not they brushed their teeth....So I put Thing 3 (who yes has long hair and is a BOY) hair in a sloppy ponytail trying to comb it best with my fingers.....Thing 2 was just not even worth trying. Then I look down, and Thing 1 was wearing the WRONG SHOES!?!?!!! WTF??? Doesn't hubby have eyes? Can't he see that things are all wrong??????
Apparently not.....
But the important thing is he got them to the bus stop so Thing 1 could take his EOGs. So for that i'm grateful!!!!
So I come home, clean up the kitchen and start a load of laundry...and decided it was time for a nap.....sounds peaceful right? WRONG, our neighbor next door knocked on our door to ask if we knew our well was shooting water 20 feet in the air? UM, NO...So then Hubby had to turn off the well, took the pump apart, and the main seal had broke. So off to Lowes we go, to get a new one (we just replaced the well less than 20 days ago)....Got a new one, Hubby, Man-Child, and Man-Childs friend fixed the well!!! Yeah....
MORAL TO THE STORY: Just don't get out of bed in the morning.....

Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3

And these are the THINGS...Thing 1, whose 9 is in the middle of the pic giving his brothers some brotherly advice  is coming up with some kind of scheme to get Mama wet. Thing 2, who is 8, is on his right and wants to know why we want to get mama wet...he's the sweetest of the bunch. Then there's Thing 3on the left and he is standing up for his mama and telling Thing 1 that this is not a good plan to get mama wet  is thinking about another diabolical plan to get mama SOAKED!! Little rats... They are close brothers,(only 13 months apart) who at any given time, will hate each other's guts (for about 10 seconds) then be best friends again in no time! But don't leave your back turned. You will be duct taped to the chair in a heartbeat, while they eat all the candy you secretly hid from them from Halloween and was absolutely not going to eat,  you were keeping it so they could savor the candy....HA....


This is our daughter who is 15!!! We are so proud of her as well. She sings like an Angel, but acts like the devil sometimes. I will call her "Mini-Me" and sometimes "Girl Child"....The name Mini-Me is because she looks almost exactly like I did when I was her age...just  a few  many years ago.

Our oldest with his dad

Man Child with his Dad
And Thing 2 in the pic
We are so proud of our son. He is almost 17 *gasp*
and already taller and bigger than his dad. This is the one that I will call "Man Child"...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3rd Grade EOG's Jitters

Okay, so my 9 year old (which i'll call Thing 1) has his first year of End Of Grade testing for the first time this year. They have been going over stuff that would most likely be on the EOG for a few weeks now. And let me tell you, Thing 1 is STRESSED OUT!!!! He is a nervous wreck, scared he won't pass it, scared that he will have to go to the restroom during the test (WHICH IS A BIG F-N DEAL APPARENTLY BECAUSE YOU DON'T GET A PRIZE AT THE END OF THE TEST IF YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM)....i'M JUST A little peeved about all the pressure that they put on a 9 year old....I know, I know there is nothing that I can do about it, but reassure him that he is going to do great, and don't worry about the bathroom thing, if you don't get a prize it's not a big deal. So each morning this week, i've been getting up early to cook a good breakfast for him and his sister (the only 2 that has EOG's this year)eggs, bacon, toast, orange juice. So that they can have a full stomach while taking the test....Only one more day of testing for these two..... The Man Child who is about to turn 17, starts his testing next week. So once again, i'll be up making a hearty good breakfast for everyone.....Lets keep our fingers crossed that they all do good on their testing...and that I survive through it!!
Alright. It has been a REALLY LONG TIME SINCE I POSTED I am going to try to post everyday about my everyday life, which is NEVER Boring with all the kids we have, then throw in a Crazy Man Child as a hubby, it's sometimes Hilarious around here. Other times it's just chaos....organized chaos.....So lets hope I can post more often and get more than 4 followers... Thanks again, Jamie