Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alright. It has been a REALLY LONG TIME SINCE I POSTED I am going to try to post everyday about my everyday life, which is NEVER Boring with all the kids we have, then throw in a Crazy Man Child as a hubby, it's sometimes Hilarious around here. Other times it's just chaos....organized chaos.....So lets hope I can post more often and get more than 4 followers... Thanks again, Jamie


  1. Jamie did you just call your household organized chaos??? I know its been a while since I have been over and yes... now that I think about it Thanksgiving was an organized mess and I loved the bustle of the kids lol... Miss you love

  2. Well since he hurt his ankle before Christmas, the house has really taken a beating... And we were right in the middle of fixing it after Hurricane Irene, and he got hurt...But yes, most of the time it is Chaos....Love ya Leash!


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