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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thing 1, Thing 2, and Thing 3

And these are the THINGS...Thing 1, whose 9 is in the middle of the pic giving his brothers some brotherly advice  is coming up with some kind of scheme to get Mama wet. Thing 2, who is 8, is on his right and wants to know why we want to get mama wet...he's the sweetest of the bunch. Then there's Thing 3on the left and he is standing up for his mama and telling Thing 1 that this is not a good plan to get mama wet  is thinking about another diabolical plan to get mama SOAKED!! Little rats... They are close brothers,(only 13 months apart) who at any given time, will hate each other's guts (for about 10 seconds) then be best friends again in no time! But don't leave your back turned. You will be duct taped to the chair in a heartbeat, while they eat all the candy you secretly hid from them from Halloween and was absolutely not going to eat,  you were keeping it so they could savor the candy....HA....

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