Saturday, June 30, 2012

Van FULL of Kids with no A/C, & A Chorus Concert

How's everybody been doing? Me? I'M GOING INSANE!!!
Ok, let me start over

Today we went and picked Girl Child up from ECU Summer Choral Camp!!! Sounds exciting right? Let's see if I can make it even more exciting...
WE piled:  Me, Hubby, Man-Child, Cala, Things 1, 2 &3 in our van without A/C. And set off on a 2 hour trip WITHOUT A/C.....
Want a recipe for disaster? I got the formula....Put 5 kids, plus 2 adults into a van without a/c and make them drive for 2 hours, trying real hard not to get their Church Clothes messed up equals....the recipe for disaster!!!!!
By the time we got there, not ONE of us could stand the other....And to top it off, we WERE LATE!!! 12 minutes to be exact!!! Then we had to try to sneak in without being noticed....Yeah right!!!

But the 30 minutes of the concert was BEAUTIFUL!!!! We are talking about The Best Of The Best (of middle school and high schoolers)who were singing their hearts out. Talking about being blown away....I get chills just thinking about it. The amazing Dr. Andrew Crane was directing it and he was FANTASTIC....
I have to give my thanks to Girl-Childs AMAZING Chorus Teacher Mrs. Boutwell, who got her in 5th grade for a one time performance, and totally changed my Girl-Child's life!!! She had been with Mrs. Boutwell since the 5th grade...all the way through the 8th!!! My Girl-Child now has a purpose in life (her words, not mine) and she knows what she want's to be and do. And Mrs. Boutwell made that happen. We are going to continue to encourage Girl-Child to do good in school, and give her all the extra's that we can to help her continue in her Growth....

When we arrived home (we still couldn't stand each other LOL) everybody went their own way and continued doing the things that they do....But Girl-child wanted me to see all her notes, and see her sheet music, and OMG she learned how to conduct, and see this right here mom, it's a high A note, and her roomates are amazing, and she ate this, and that, and she did this..and OMG their was this one guy.....On and On....And when she finally took a breath (geesh, these Chorus girls can go without air for a while) I asked her if she really learned anything.........Because this camp WASN"T Cheap...... And she answered me in her most grown-up voice. "Of course Mother Dear, I learned Lots!!! But next year, I want the private singing lessons too".......*the private singing lessons cost more*..... Typical, right?
I love her to Death, and wouldn't have her ANY OTHER WAY!!!

Thanks Again, to My kids and Hubby for making the trip with me *btw, we are talking to each other now!*, and thanks to ECU, and Dr. Andrew Crane, and a Very special Thanks to Mrs. Boutwell, who took a ordinary girl and turned her mind on to music...We will be forever in you debt....


Friday, June 29, 2012

It's Getting Hot in here, & we ARE taking our clothes off!!

Our A/C is broke...Again.... We have cleaned it, put new filters in, looked under the crawl space to make sure all the Ducts are still there. They are. So our only option now is to call in a PROFESSIONAL!!! I know, I know, GASP..... I know that many responsibility's come with Home Ownership, but come on. That mean's my Hubby is the Super.....and guess what? He PROCRASTINATES!!! So now, instead of getting it serviced during the winter (we had a inkling that it would give us problems this year)....we have to call in the Big Guns now....
And Boy, is it gonna be EXPENSIVE!!!! (read: we will probably go hungry for the entire month! LOL) We googled it to try to find out if we could try to fix it.... After doing everything that google told us to do we read the last line.... It say's that we are probably out of Freon and you can't put Freon in yourself...pppfff.....
So tomorrow, I get to call around to all the A/C people to see has the cheapest rate....And they know that in this heat (it's supposed to be 102 tomorrow) that they have you over a barrel!!! That you are so desperate that you would (sell your firstborn) do anything to make it work. Right now, we are all in The Master Bedroom with a small window unit trying to stay cool. You read it right....All.Of.Us.....
I could use a Xanax  Break right about now. Not to mention that you can't cook anything when it's 92 degrees IN YOUR HOUSE!!! We had a small relief yesterday, as in, a cold front moved in and brought rain and clouds and the high was 78!!! I actually cooked Baked BBQ chicken and fresh Green Beans, and homemade macaroni and cheese....You would have thought that I made Steaks, the way that my hubby and kids ate. They are soooo tired of eating TV Dinners and Sandwiches.....They even ate all of it....down to the last bite (sorry, Capone *our dog who thinks he's human*).
But tomorrow we all get to go as a family up to ECU to pick up Girl-child from her Summer Camp....Should be interesting... Hubby, ME, Man-child, Things 1, 2 and 3, all in a van WITHOUT A/C for 2 hours!!! That's right folks, even our A/C in the van doesn't work.....Should turn our to be quite a stinky, sweaty, whiny ride!!!! Then when we get there, we get to see a concert with all the students and then get to take Girl-child home..... Then the real whining will begin.....LOL
Have a good day,

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Ok, so it's been awhile since i've posted last.....Somehow life seems to always seem to get in the way....Having 5 kids that are here everyday OUT OF SCHOOL for the summer is extremely *fun*....note the sarcasm in my voice? Any way, I was just gonna write a random post of some of the things that have happened this week.....So here goes:
1. Our A/C quit working!!! It is going to be 98 degrees tomorrow and we only have 1 window a/c unit that works!!! That means that ALL the kids will be in the master bedroom ALL day tomorrow!!!

2. We took our Daughter, (Girl-child) to ECU College for a Summer Choral Camp * SEE PICTURES ABOVE*...she is staying at the dorms, and getting a inside look at what dorm life may be!!!!! It cost us a arm and a leg, but if she has fun and learns some things then it was worth it!!! And maybe it will make her more focused on her school work next year!!

3. Our Fridge stopped working while we were gone for the day, and when we got back from the store with a few essentials (milk, eggs, etc..) the fridge and freezer was completely warm...We LOST EVERYTHING!!! My hubby and Man-child worked on it for a few hours and got it back going! But we took stock of what we had that went bad, and it totaled well over $200.00 worth of groceries!!! Not fun!
We are a HUGE family, and that set us back alot :(

4. We had a flat tire. And I don't just mean flat, I mean a bolt was thrown in the road and we were the lucky ones to run over it, causing the tire to go flat immediately. That means we have to get a new tire, and get it put on our rims..... It's going to be pricey!!! And money is a problem for us right now (heck, it's a problem for us always).

5. My kids are tired of eating sandwiches for dinner, but because the A/C doesn't work, there is Zero chance of my cooking a HOT MEAL!!! So, i'm sorry kids, but your S.O.L....

There was a couples of GOOD things that happened this week:

1. My newest little Great-niece, let's call her L.L. was born this week!! She came early and gave us quite a scare, but is at home now, safe in the arms of my Fantastic, Beautiful, Niece, J.
as a side note: I also welcomed a Great-Nephew, we'll call him B.A. a few weeks back and he is adorable!! My nephew A, and his wife make some Beautiful babies!!

2. My oldest son, Man-child, got accepted to stay at his high school for another year (we are out of district, and have to apply every year for him to go to this certain school)!

3. We got a FREE (used) 36 inch TV GIVEN to us, to replace our old one that you had to constantly hit on it's side because the tube was going out in it!!!

4. I had a date with a super HAWT Hubby!! After dropping Girl-child off at ECU, we went and ate at Golden Corral (yeah, yeah, I know, but we Do have to stick to a budget) and it was just Me and Hubby which is a rarity!!

5. At the church yard sale, Man-child sold ALOT of stuff, and was rewarded with 6 bags of Fresh Green beans. We ate the first bag right away, then we sat down as a family and cut and weeded through the other ones. Then we Blanched them, and prepared them for the freezer!!! We had enough to do 6 Gallon sized bags, even tho we gave 1 to a friend of Man-childs Mom, and gave a bag to our neighbor...God said to Love Thy Neighbor!!

Well i'm sure that there was other things that happened , but I think I will save that for another post. 
I promise to try to post more often, and if you read this, leave me a comment!!! And if you blog yourself, leave me your link and I will follow.....

A.K.A Jamie

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ok, so I haven't posted in like a week

Hey guys! How has everyone been? Us, well we have had a 2nd visit to the ER...While we were swimming on Sunday at the local "Water Hole" and Hunter managed to cut his cornea (eyes) pretty badly So we packed up and left and when we got home I washed his eye out and put some drops in it, and gave him tylenol. He feel asleep very quickly, so I though that we were in the clear. Fast Forward 40 minutes later, and he was screaming and crying and we looked at it an noticed it right away that WE COULD SEE THE SCRATCH WITH OUR NAKED EYES!! So, off to the ER we went.. They come in and numb his eye, then dilated them so that they wouldn't hurt so much, Dr, Frink told us that the drops that dilated his eyes would last about 4 hours... It is still Dilated today!! But in order to get to the eye doctor, we had to have a referral from the pediatritions , so off to the pediatrician we go.....The doctor just had to look at his eyes like 3 times, and we had brought in our paper work from the ER, She said it was necessary So she agreed that he had to go to the real Eye Doctor right then. So when the eye doc walks in he asked if the ER dilated his eyes, I answer yes, but The ER doc said it would last about 4 hours. So his pupil is wide, and doesn't constrict to light The Eye Doc says it can be up to a month of being dilated? What? I've never heard of this. We  let them run tests and it appears that the laceration is right in the center of his eyes, and it will leave scar we have to go back this Thursday to see if it's getting better, if not, who Knows?

Plus it was end of the school year partys here, and we went to all THE THINGS party, then went to Girlchild's 8th grade graduation, and she went in a Limo....because after the graduation, there was the 8th grade dance...After that the limo took them around town, then stopped at IHOP for dinner....She had a blast!
It was also Thing 1's 4th grade ceremony and we had to go to that to see him get an award....
So there's the update...... Hope yall enjoy!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thing 3 V/S a 5ft slide and a face plant

So...We spent all of last night in the ER. Or more accurately the waiting room. All the Things were playing outside. I was folding clothes when I hear the scream. Then i heard frantic screaming and running and crying and that was from the Thing that wasn't hurt. Seems Thing 3 decided to climb UP the ladder and Thing 1 was trying to help him and reached for his hand. He missed, and off went Thing 3, who just turned 7, not down the slide, off the play equipment and did a face plant. Blood was everywhere. We couldn't even tell where it was coming from until we could calm him down. It was his nose, and his teeth. His nose was starting to swell, and he was gagging on the blood (he already has a restricted airway) and his eyes were getting dark. So off the the ER we go. To get checked in, and fill out the admission sheet. She told us to go have a seat. Then about 10 mins later, we were called to the same desk where she put an armband on him. She told us to go have a seat. About 2 hours later we were called back to triage, which is actually a tiny room, where 2 people try to talk to you at once, and you try to answer the questions best you can. And they ask the same ones over and over...Then a RN comes in and looks at him, gives him Tylenol for pain, orders a CT scan, then told us to go to an even smaller waiting area. We wait about 20 mins and they came and got us for the CT scan. After the CT scan we were sent BACK to the regular waiting room to wait another 3 hours before we get a room. The nurse who gave us a room was rude. Never gave him a gown, said she would come back with a warm blanket and disappeared. Then came in the registration lady asking about his insurance and asking to see his card and my ID...and then she asked if our address was correct and we said yes, then she said is it a house or a trailer!!! Then she took my ID and walked off with it and brought it back about 10 mins later, only problem though was that when she was asking these stupid questions the doc come in and she wouldn't shut up long enough to hear what the doc was saying. So we wait another hour for the scan to be read. They told us nothing was broken, he probably had a concussion, and by this time it like 1 am and i asked about a school excuse and he said oh no, he can go to school tomorrow...What? by the time we get home it's almost 2, but thats no the point. His two frnt teeth are knocked loose. he bit a hole in his lip. His neck hurts. Thing 3 feel asleep waiting on the doc, then when the doc came back in to see him was an absolute ass because Thing 3 wouldn't wake up and talk to him...he made me get him out of bed stand him up, and told me to hurry up and wake him. ASS....So as we are getting discharged, they shepard you into a broom closet and they hold you hostage until they can verify insurance and that it is really the right kid. Then some psychopath in the hall had ripped his iv out as was cussing and screaming, and blood was going everywhere, so Hubby took Thing 3 back to the room we just vacated, so he wouldn't be hit or splattterd with blood. Finnally we were released and back home we came.
Got him a dentist appt and yep both front teeth need to come out cause they are so loose, but oh i'm so sorry that he will have to wait 2 weeks until he can get an appt. So for 2 weeks he's got teeth hanging on by a thread, and he can't eat anything hard and i/m pissed. Thing 1 had a appt to for a cap he lost and same thing, oh no we are booked solid. So he has to go around with an exposed nerve, for 2 more weeks. Damn people out of there mind.
He's going back to school tomorrow, but he can only eat soft food....
When it rains, it pours....

Bitchily your's

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I Guess GOD knew what he was doing when he gave me only 1 Girl

My mom raised 4 relatively normal girls....I mean, none of us have become Murderers, or mad scientist doing evil plans to take over the world (Pinky and the Brain, anyone?) , none of us have ever stole a car, or even went to JAIL....(ahem). And she did it for a while as a single mom. Then she met my Papa, and everything was all right! :) My sister V raised 4 girls as a single mom and they are all normal (as normal as any of us GIRLS are). Her oldest daughter J has 2 boys and a girl on the way, Then there's K, who just had her first baby boy J, then there's N who is fabulous and loves the internet and her phone, and last but not least there is M...and she is a spit-fire, mean as she can be, and we couldn't love her more.
My oldest sister, C has one child, a girl, K who is 21 and in college. (That's a big deal for us)
Then there is my next to the oldest sister C-LO, who raised 2 happy BOYS, and is the one who ABSOLUTELY understands my gripes about the smell that boys create, and the food they consume, and the messes they make. But i digress....
I guess god has a sense of humor because as I was growing up I KNEW that I wanted kids, more importantly I wanted to have at least 2 girls, SISTERS, so she could fully appreciate the SISTERHOOD.....You know the one.
1)You can't use the bathroom without one of them coming in and getting the hair spray or lip gloss WHILE YOUR POOPING
2)What's Their's are Their's and what's your's is Their's
3)They've seen you naked as a baby, teenager, and an adult and they won't tell anyone what's hiding behind those Spanx.
4)They tell you you look like crap, when you look like crap.
5) You're 8 months pregnant and they still tell you that you look like crap.
6)When you ask if you look Good, they will go over you with a fine tooth comb before agreeing that Yes you do look Good.
7)They can not hate you as much as they can, but let 1 mean boy/girl talk bad about you and God help them.
8)When something goes wrong, They will circle the wagons and load their guns (LOL) until the threat is over.
9)They can understand what you are saying perfectly while you are bawling your eyes out.
10) We argue over who is MOMS favorite. FYI it's me!
11) Hands Down, I AM Granny's favorite.
12) When you are being a Bitch, they will tell you that you are being a bitch!
13) They were the original What Not To Wear series....
14)When you've went months without talking on the phone, bam, one of them calls and it's like you just talked to them yesterday.....
15)They taught me how to shave EVERYTHING

And it's for these 15 reasons above that I feel for my daughter, because she doesn't have that. She is surrounded by Boys, stinky, trick playing, putting bubble gum in your hair Boys. I Try to let her go to her friends house as much as possible. (the approved friends that is). Some of her friends come over and I am DELIGHTED to see them doing hair and makeup, and standing semi-nude while trying on each others clothes. I even let her do Makeovers on me....Hair straightened, Gobs of eye make up (enough that I could be mistaken for a hooker) nails, you name it.
 But she is surrounded by BOYS.....They've taught her stuff too...Like, how to shoot guns (yes, guns as in plural), she shoots a bow and arrow, she can drive a 4wheeler like nobody's business, Fart and clear the room, romp thru the woods to 2 lanes over, and not think a thing of it, and walk those same woods back in the dark with only the light of her cell phone to light her way. She can fight and knows ALL the boy's weak points....They were taught to her by her oldest brother, Man Child....only he never knew that she'd use them on him!!! He taught her how to tackle, and to fight back no matter what (if attacked) and don't ever stop!!! They also taught her how to shoot fireworks...use an axe, hunt for crickets, and get her own fish off the hook....
So I wonder, is she really missing any thing without having sisters? and the answer is yes and no.....She doesn't get some of the stories I tell about growing up with 3 sisters and 1 stepsister.... She FREAKS OUT if you have to come in the bathroom while she is in the shower (we only have 1 right now)....And when she has a bad day...i.e. a boy has been mean to her, all she has to talk to is ME.....and i'm usually trying to breakup a fight between the THINGS, or catch a frog the THINGS thought would be funny to let loose in the house, and I try to listen, I really do, but most of the time she gets frustrated and leaves. And by the time i've got the THINGS to sleep, she has already talked to all her girl friends via facebook, and text....and i'm glad and jealous all at the same time. I don't know what kind of advice they have given her, and if anybody was going to give her bad advice it SHOULD BE ME.
So, I'm at a cross-roads: her friends know more about HER than I do, but she is MINE.......
I'm not for sure if my mom or sisters ever felt this way. I am the only one who managed to have both boys and girls as babies. They all had one OR the other.
What do you think. Should I tie her down and keep her there until I spout out all my Knowledge, or do I let her spread her wings and fly????? She's 15.....I was Engaged at 16 and got married at 17 (NOT PREGNANT)....and I think OMG.....OMG...OMG... I wanna barf.....
So what to do?
Simple. When her boyfriends come for a visit: All her brothers line up on the porch...the THINGS armed with BB guns, Man Child armed with a 20 gauge (unloaded of course) and her dad, dressed in overalls, shirtless, and a Big ASS Gun in his hand (unloaded for sure..ahem)....... I figure if her boyfriend can man up and get pass all that, then he's probably worth going on 1 date with.....either way (i'll be in the gold van a few car lengths behind them spying on them all the way!)
 What do yall think?

Friday, June 1, 2012

My Mama Told Me That There Would Be Days Like This

So...Today...How do I begin?
It was just one of those days that you knew was going to go wrong right from the get-go. That feeling like, no matter how hard you try to please someone, or how hard you try to get the things you need accomplished, that you were going to fail. The kind of day that you just want to get back in bed, throw the covers over you and pretend that you don't have all these mongrels kids that need YOU RIGHT NOW....
So I did...Just kidding.....Kinda
So got the kids to school, then just didn't feel well so I lay down for just a few an hour or so. Give or take an hour or two.....
So we leave out to get Man-Child from High School, when I realized that I hadn't printed out the paper work for Girl-Childs Summer Camp. So back to the house we go, only to realize that our printer was out of INK!!! Thankfully, our neighbor let me use hers so off we went back to town to pick up Girl-Child from school.
Anywhoo, Girl-Childs tuition for ECU Summer Chorus Camp was due NOW, and I had to fill out lots of paper work and then Fed-Ex (OMG, HAVE U FED-EXD ANYTHING LATELY...EXPENSIVE!!!) the check and paper work and pray that it gets there as promised on Monday at 10:30....If not ima gonna woop some ass  complain......
So then we had to go to WalMart and get some things....How come when you go into Walmart with your list, and come out with 30 things that were not on your list?  Any way, I forgot that it was the 1st and that everybody and there mother was going to be there. We live in a Military Town, and I swear that on payday every single Marine that is stationed  here is going to be there. And believe me folks, they may be old enough to be a Marine, but not all of them have grown up :) We were there to buy some cheap fishing poles for The Things, and a few food items, and be on our merry way. Ha, Yeah right. Every Line was Long, and despite that WalMart claims "if there's more than 3 in line, we will open another" is crap. By the time we get out of there I am like a SheDevil, seething, ready to strike venom on anybody that messes with me......Thank God that nobody crossed my path, because I was ready to give a Alabama Woop Ass on someone (even though I don't live in Alabama anymore, that's where i'm from and that what I will always be, an Alabama girl). My Hubby said I had my Bitch Face On..Girl-Child walked very fast away from me......
Oh, well, what can I say? Anybody else feel like they have to put your Bitch Face on when going into a store? Or am I some sorta FREAK?     Hit me back and let me know what you think...

Bitch Out,