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Friday, June 29, 2012

It's Getting Hot in here, & we ARE taking our clothes off!!

Our A/C is broke...Again.... We have cleaned it, put new filters in, looked under the crawl space to make sure all the Ducts are still there. They are. So our only option now is to call in a PROFESSIONAL!!! I know, I know, GASP..... I know that many responsibility's come with Home Ownership, but come on. That mean's my Hubby is the Super.....and guess what? He PROCRASTINATES!!! So now, instead of getting it serviced during the winter (we had a inkling that it would give us problems this year)....we have to call in the Big Guns now....
And Boy, is it gonna be EXPENSIVE!!!! (read: we will probably go hungry for the entire month! LOL) We googled it to try to find out if we could try to fix it.... After doing everything that google told us to do we read the last line.... It say's that we are probably out of Freon and you can't put Freon in yourself...pppfff.....
So tomorrow, I get to call around to all the A/C people to see has the cheapest rate....And they know that in this heat (it's supposed to be 102 tomorrow) that they have you over a barrel!!! That you are so desperate that you would (sell your firstborn) do anything to make it work. Right now, we are all in The Master Bedroom with a small window unit trying to stay cool. You read it right....All.Of.Us.....
I could use a Xanax  Break right about now. Not to mention that you can't cook anything when it's 92 degrees IN YOUR HOUSE!!! We had a small relief yesterday, as in, a cold front moved in and brought rain and clouds and the high was 78!!! I actually cooked Baked BBQ chicken and fresh Green Beans, and homemade macaroni and cheese....You would have thought that I made Steaks, the way that my hubby and kids ate. They are soooo tired of eating TV Dinners and Sandwiches.....They even ate all of it....down to the last bite (sorry, Capone *our dog who thinks he's human*).
But tomorrow we all get to go as a family up to ECU to pick up Girl-child from her Summer Camp....Should be interesting... Hubby, ME, Man-child, Things 1, 2 and 3, all in a van WITHOUT A/C for 2 hours!!! That's right folks, even our A/C in the van doesn't work.....Should turn our to be quite a stinky, sweaty, whiny ride!!!! Then when we get there, we get to see a concert with all the students and then get to take Girl-child home..... Then the real whining will begin.....LOL
Have a good day,

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