Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ok, so I haven't posted in like a week

Hey guys! How has everyone been? Us, well we have had a 2nd visit to the ER...While we were swimming on Sunday at the local "Water Hole" and Hunter managed to cut his cornea (eyes) pretty badly So we packed up and left and when we got home I washed his eye out and put some drops in it, and gave him tylenol. He feel asleep very quickly, so I though that we were in the clear. Fast Forward 40 minutes later, and he was screaming and crying and we looked at it an noticed it right away that WE COULD SEE THE SCRATCH WITH OUR NAKED EYES!! So, off to the ER we went.. They come in and numb his eye, then dilated them so that they wouldn't hurt so much, Dr, Frink told us that the drops that dilated his eyes would last about 4 hours... It is still Dilated today!! But in order to get to the eye doctor, we had to have a referral from the pediatritions , so off to the pediatrician we go.....The doctor just had to look at his eyes like 3 times, and we had brought in our paper work from the ER, She said it was necessary So she agreed that he had to go to the real Eye Doctor right then. So when the eye doc walks in he asked if the ER dilated his eyes, I answer yes, but The ER doc said it would last about 4 hours. So his pupil is wide, and doesn't constrict to light The Eye Doc says it can be up to a month of being dilated? What? I've never heard of this. We  let them run tests and it appears that the laceration is right in the center of his eyes, and it will leave scar we have to go back this Thursday to see if it's getting better, if not, who Knows?

Plus it was end of the school year partys here, and we went to all THE THINGS party, then went to Girlchild's 8th grade graduation, and she went in a Limo....because after the graduation, there was the 8th grade dance...After that the limo took them around town, then stopped at IHOP for dinner....She had a blast!
It was also Thing 1's 4th grade ceremony and we had to go to that to see him get an award....
So there's the update...... Hope yall enjoy!!!

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