Thursday, June 28, 2012


Ok, so it's been awhile since i've posted last.....Somehow life seems to always seem to get in the way....Having 5 kids that are here everyday OUT OF SCHOOL for the summer is extremely *fun*....note the sarcasm in my voice? Any way, I was just gonna write a random post of some of the things that have happened this week.....So here goes:
1. Our A/C quit working!!! It is going to be 98 degrees tomorrow and we only have 1 window a/c unit that works!!! That means that ALL the kids will be in the master bedroom ALL day tomorrow!!!

2. We took our Daughter, (Girl-child) to ECU College for a Summer Choral Camp * SEE PICTURES ABOVE*...she is staying at the dorms, and getting a inside look at what dorm life may be!!!!! It cost us a arm and a leg, but if she has fun and learns some things then it was worth it!!! And maybe it will make her more focused on her school work next year!!

3. Our Fridge stopped working while we were gone for the day, and when we got back from the store with a few essentials (milk, eggs, etc..) the fridge and freezer was completely warm...We LOST EVERYTHING!!! My hubby and Man-child worked on it for a few hours and got it back going! But we took stock of what we had that went bad, and it totaled well over $200.00 worth of groceries!!! Not fun!
We are a HUGE family, and that set us back alot :(

4. We had a flat tire. And I don't just mean flat, I mean a bolt was thrown in the road and we were the lucky ones to run over it, causing the tire to go flat immediately. That means we have to get a new tire, and get it put on our rims..... It's going to be pricey!!! And money is a problem for us right now (heck, it's a problem for us always).

5. My kids are tired of eating sandwiches for dinner, but because the A/C doesn't work, there is Zero chance of my cooking a HOT MEAL!!! So, i'm sorry kids, but your S.O.L....

There was a couples of GOOD things that happened this week:

1. My newest little Great-niece, let's call her L.L. was born this week!! She came early and gave us quite a scare, but is at home now, safe in the arms of my Fantastic, Beautiful, Niece, J.
as a side note: I also welcomed a Great-Nephew, we'll call him B.A. a few weeks back and he is adorable!! My nephew A, and his wife make some Beautiful babies!!

2. My oldest son, Man-child, got accepted to stay at his high school for another year (we are out of district, and have to apply every year for him to go to this certain school)!

3. We got a FREE (used) 36 inch TV GIVEN to us, to replace our old one that you had to constantly hit on it's side because the tube was going out in it!!!

4. I had a date with a super HAWT Hubby!! After dropping Girl-child off at ECU, we went and ate at Golden Corral (yeah, yeah, I know, but we Do have to stick to a budget) and it was just Me and Hubby which is a rarity!!

5. At the church yard sale, Man-child sold ALOT of stuff, and was rewarded with 6 bags of Fresh Green beans. We ate the first bag right away, then we sat down as a family and cut and weeded through the other ones. Then we Blanched them, and prepared them for the freezer!!! We had enough to do 6 Gallon sized bags, even tho we gave 1 to a friend of Man-childs Mom, and gave a bag to our neighbor...God said to Love Thy Neighbor!!

Well i'm sure that there was other things that happened , but I think I will save that for another post. 
I promise to try to post more often, and if you read this, leave me a comment!!! And if you blog yourself, leave me your link and I will follow.....

A.K.A Jamie

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