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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thing 3 V/S a 5ft slide and a face plant

So...We spent all of last night in the ER. Or more accurately the waiting room. All the Things were playing outside. I was folding clothes when I hear the scream. Then i heard frantic screaming and running and crying and that was from the Thing that wasn't hurt. Seems Thing 3 decided to climb UP the ladder and Thing 1 was trying to help him and reached for his hand. He missed, and off went Thing 3, who just turned 7, not down the slide, off the play equipment and did a face plant. Blood was everywhere. We couldn't even tell where it was coming from until we could calm him down. It was his nose, and his teeth. His nose was starting to swell, and he was gagging on the blood (he already has a restricted airway) and his eyes were getting dark. So off the the ER we go. To get checked in, and fill out the admission sheet. She told us to go have a seat. Then about 10 mins later, we were called to the same desk where she put an armband on him. She told us to go have a seat. About 2 hours later we were called back to triage, which is actually a tiny room, where 2 people try to talk to you at once, and you try to answer the questions best you can. And they ask the same ones over and over...Then a RN comes in and looks at him, gives him Tylenol for pain, orders a CT scan, then told us to go to an even smaller waiting area. We wait about 20 mins and they came and got us for the CT scan. After the CT scan we were sent BACK to the regular waiting room to wait another 3 hours before we get a room. The nurse who gave us a room was rude. Never gave him a gown, said she would come back with a warm blanket and disappeared. Then came in the registration lady asking about his insurance and asking to see his card and my ID...and then she asked if our address was correct and we said yes, then she said is it a house or a trailer!!! Then she took my ID and walked off with it and brought it back about 10 mins later, only problem though was that when she was asking these stupid questions the doc come in and she wouldn't shut up long enough to hear what the doc was saying. So we wait another hour for the scan to be read. They told us nothing was broken, he probably had a concussion, and by this time it like 1 am and i asked about a school excuse and he said oh no, he can go to school tomorrow...What? by the time we get home it's almost 2, but thats no the point. His two frnt teeth are knocked loose. he bit a hole in his lip. His neck hurts. Thing 3 feel asleep waiting on the doc, then when the doc came back in to see him was an absolute ass because Thing 3 wouldn't wake up and talk to him...he made me get him out of bed stand him up, and told me to hurry up and wake him. ASS....So as we are getting discharged, they shepard you into a broom closet and they hold you hostage until they can verify insurance and that it is really the right kid. Then some psychopath in the hall had ripped his iv out as was cussing and screaming, and blood was going everywhere, so Hubby took Thing 3 back to the room we just vacated, so he wouldn't be hit or splattterd with blood. Finnally we were released and back home we came.
Got him a dentist appt and yep both front teeth need to come out cause they are so loose, but oh i'm so sorry that he will have to wait 2 weeks until he can get an appt. So for 2 weeks he's got teeth hanging on by a thread, and he can't eat anything hard and i/m pissed. Thing 1 had a appt to for a cap he lost and same thing, oh no we are booked solid. So he has to go around with an exposed nerve, for 2 more weeks. Damn people out of there mind.
He's going back to school tomorrow, but he can only eat soft food....
When it rains, it pours....

Bitchily your's

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