Monday, July 30, 2012

How to survive a Movie Shoot, & a Epic Teen Party!

I am alive, but barely. 

I am 36 and too old for this.

I feel it in my bones....

It used to be cool to say I stayed out to 6:00 am...

And then sleep 3 hours and wake up and have a EPIC TEENAGE SWIM PARTY....

Not so cool now, but yet that is exactly what I did this weekend. No lie.

I am a P.A for a movie called The Hollow Oak, directed by the Talented Chris Maney.  We were supposed to be on set at 1 p.m., but of course we were late.  So Man-child and I got there at  3 p.m. While Crazy-hubby, Girl-child, and Things 1, 2, and 3 were at a wedding reception, complete with an obstacle course. Why the obstacle course? Cause we have some of the coolest neighbor's in the World... From the pictures I've seen, the men let the kids play on it for a while, and then when the men were sufficiently drunk  relaxed, and a thunderstorm had come thru the men went thru the course...And it was hilarious... I would love to post video of it that hubby took, but can't seem to find my camera cord...But trust me, it was You-Tube worthy!!!!
Anyway, back to the movie shoot... There is nothing like being around a bunch of 15-26 years old to realize THAT YOU ARE OLD....AND SO, NOT COOL ANYMORE. Before we started this journey into "movie making" we were blissfully ignorant to what went on. NOT ANY MORE. I am in awe at what all actually has to happen BEFORE the shooting begins, and How Many Takes you have to do to get that perfect one. We've  been a part of this project since last Fall. AND I'VE LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. Man-child has a small part in it....Girl-Child has a larger role.. Alas, that's why Mama's on set....Then I was asked to be a Production Assistant and be in charge of extra's.... Wanna know all the cool stuff that your teenagers know? Just get a in a room filled with like, 35 teenagers, and you will find out EVERYTHING.... Stuff that you don't want to know, stuff you already knew, stuff you CAN NOT BELIEVE that teen's know, and stuff that you could have went YOUR ENTIRE ADULT LIFE WITHOUT KNOWING. Trust me....It's an Eye opener. All I can say is that I am so glad we didn't have Facebook and Twitter when I  was growing up....I would have so, been in trouble... The shoot went on until 6 in the morning....and then we (re: the adult's) had to clean up and pack up props....But I have met some Awesome, eccentric, and inspiring people while on this journey. I've met parent's who have sacrificed everything, so that their kid's dreams could come true. I mean the money that goes into this kinda thing is monumental. There are auditions, photo shoots, drama classes, and countless other things that these parents go thru for their kids. To be honest with you, this just kinda fell into our laps. See the Talented, writer, director, producer Chris Maney is also my nephew.  Now I know what your thinking...Aha, that's how her kids got in the movie...that's true to some degree, they were EXTRA's first.....then they were asked to try out for some other parts and got that ON THEIR OWN. I mean we are family, and we would do anything for each other, and that is why, in part, that we are on this journey....But it is not all... Girl-Child want's to do acting, and singing (thus the voice lessons, and $500.00 summer choral camps at ECU) and this is given us a peek at just what has to happen to MAKE THAT DREAM COME TRUE....All the while, helping our Nephew MAKE HIS DREAM COME TRUE......and believe me (and other's) he is extremely talented, and has managed to put together a good team to help make this movie....There's the Assistant Director, and the sound guy, and the extra camera guy.....and Eric, and Jo, and Jessica, and Lexi...the list goes on and on...
Anyway, if you wanna catch a glimpse at what We are doing.....Go on facebook and look up                   The Hollow Oak.....And Chris Maney productions...

Girl-child has been baby-sitting full time this summer and has saved up her money. And what did she want to do with her money? New clothes? New makeup? Nope, she wanted a party...a EPIC our local Swimming Hole..... So after getting home at 6 am, and getting about 3 hours of sleep, We took.....wait for it.......5 of our kids, and 10 OTHER TEENAGERS...swimming... what was I thinking? It took 2 cars, some illegal seating arrangement's to make it happen but we got there. And the cost to me and Hubby: our sanity, and gas money..But Girl-Child paid for EVERYTHING....and packed it all...The Grill, the utensils, i mean everything.....We had hot dogs,and chips, and candy, and WAY to much Soda....
But I have to admit that with only 3 adults (our friend Tina was there) and 15 kids to watch was a pretty daunting task.....I felt like I was in school again, constantly counting kids, 1,2,3....etc.... And since it was teenagers, and their was some boyfriend/girlfriend there, we were like HAWKS watching... After-all we were responsible for these kids.....Nothing bad happened....
But the fun they had was Fantastic.... There was races across the lake, chicken fights, hillbilly fishing with bread on their heads (if you don't know, don't ask) and friendships that were even more solid than before. As for us adults, well, we were pretty beat, and could have used a Xanax vacation by the end of it...And i'm not sure if we could handle another party like that anytime soon, but it's good memories, and let's face it....Man-child is 17, and Girl-child is 15, and time is ticking ever so fast towards them having their own wings to fly....that THIS MAMA will take all the 6am movie shoots, and Epic Teen parties that i can have, because before long, they will not want to hang out with us.......and Life we are going to make the most of it.....
and BTW, we felt like a taxi service dropping off the kids that didn't belong to us off.....but the ride home, alone with just Hubby and me, was a price well paid for my kids to make memories.....

One Tired Mother,

P.S. I will SO post pictures of the Obstacle Course, and the Epic Teen Party when I can find the darn cord...... It's probably hiding out with my SANITY...

Saturday, July 28, 2012

A day in the Life of ME, a Random post

So today I did the following:

Woke up, wished I could go back to sleep.

Went into kitchen to find out that the THINGS had destroyed it.

Have you ever tried to scrape Fruity Pebbles off the table/floor/wall? It's not fun,

Checked my email....Got some sweet Freebies from one of my favorite sites.

Settled an argument that about who is better? A DECEPTICON, OR AN AUTOBOT?

Pulled the THINGS apart after another fight...ugh, between everything else that I do, it seems like they are always rolling on the floor like puppies fighting!!!

Checked on Girl-Child while she was babysitting next door. And got me some good Brayden Lovin!!!
*I swear, whenever I get the stupid idea hankering for another baby, I just steal hers and give him back when i'm all played out*

Hubby was on the front porch and called for me, so I dropped what I was doing to see what was going on...and lo and behold, our OTHER neighbors little girl a 4 year old had decided to leave her house and go all the way to the mail box and play IN THE ROAD... And out I went, like Flash Gordon!!
My hubby and the THINGS said that they didn't know that I could run that fast!!!! But I got to her in time and she didn't have a scratch on her. While I was clutching   bringing her back to her mama who came running out when she realized that her daughter was gone. We have a pond in front of our house *not ours*
and things could have been a lot worse. Now don't get me wrong, my kids have escaped before, so I know what she feels like. And when I asked her where she was going she said " I DORA!! I MAILBOX!!! Sweet little thing. We are so fortunate, that she is safe and sound.

Then after all that me and Hubby went to Walmart by our-self ... It was a HAWT DATE!!! I could have wandered all around the store, but hubby hates the store and wanted to Hurry up.

And last, but not least, we pulled all the labels off of beer and wine bottles to use as props on the Set of     The Hollow Oak, a movie that is directed by the talented Director Chris Maney!!! Being a Production Assistant is fun, and i get to learn what REALLY goes on behind the cameras!!! Plus Man-Child and Girl Child has some parts in it, so it's really fun...

Here's the pics to prove that we cleaned all the bottles:

and here is the coolest baby in the world: (beside mine)

* I must also say that I did 5 loads of laundry, did 3 loads of dishes, checked my facebook, etc....

So goes in A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ME....


Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to SPOT a Mom of BOYS!!!

Ok, so most of you know that we have 7 kids, 6boys and 1 girl...You know, His, Mine, and Ours.
So I have learned to spot Mom's that have (mostly) Boys in, oh let's say, WalMart...
* and of course, these boys in these examples are NOT mine..hehe...Mine are little angels devils!

*Forget the Dogs, BEWARE of the Kids*

1. She starts off her shopping trip with a BIG SPEECH about not touching everything in sight, and about Not running in the store, etc....

2. She's the one with 1 boy begging to get in the front of the cart, 1 boy who is actually in the cart (much to her dismay). 1 boy under the cart, where usually dog food or other big items go.

3. Oh, and let's not forget the one running down the isle, and sliding on his knees, going "look mama. Look mama". 

4. She's the one that the little old ladies that give her the skank eye, for her boys acting in the above manners.

5. They MUST go to the bathroom, Twice in one trip.

6. Her cart usually holds the following : Hair dye to get the gray hair out (the hair that she has left..LOL) Several Match-Box cars, that they sneak in to the cart while she is detaching herself from 1 of the boys.
I've learned that they use this maneuver when they really want something. They send in the cutest/smallest boy to distract her, while the other boys put things in the buggy.

7. While in the WOMEN'S Hygiene section, they yell out "what's this one for"? While holding a box of tampons...The pick up some pads, and smell them because it has a flower on it, and it says it's lightly scented.....They also want to know what a Trogan is and does she need any? WTHeck? They do ALL THESE THINGS IN THE LOUDEST VOICE POSSIBLE!!! SO ANYONE WITHIN A ONE MILE RADIUS CAN HERE. It's like those nightmares that you had as a teen, purchasing some female items, when one of them wont scan, and the cashier says into her microphone "Price Check on Tampon's on Chekout 5"

8. They beg, and beg, to push the cart, only to run into the feet of the little old lady from #4....They apologized, but she gives The Mom "When I was raising my kids, i'd use a switch on them and straighten them out for good" look.

9. Now the mom takes over pushing the cart and then heads to the Grocery side.... Now here's where things get hairy for Moms of Boys...

10.. The boys fight over who's going to get the milk, they wait till she's has picked out the good eggs, and so badly want to put them in the cart, that when the do they just throw them in!!! Now she is back to square one. They also want every ice cream, and Popsicle that they can get there hands on, and this is another chance to use the cutest/smallest child to distract her so they can put in the FORBIDDEN items...

11. They have to touch each and every little thing in the store... 

12.  They FART in public, and laugh like hyenas .....So if you ever see a mom of boys RUNNING, i'd close your nose if I were you.... Same things go for Hubby's too.....If you see him running, close your nose!

13. Her Car/MiniVan/Taxi is full of football gear, sweaty socks, a lost pair of shoes, a chocolate milkshake from about 2 weeks ago, that now looks like a science experiment, Bouncy balls, happy meal toys, you get my drift.

14. Her Boy's pee in the yard. EVEN WHEN THE BATHROOM IS OPEN!!

15. They take PRIDE in leaving the fake spider on their mom's shoulders while she's sleeping.

16. Even when they are caked with mud, the don't want to take a bath, and sometimes try to fool you into thinking that they took a real bath....only she discovers while helping them dry off, that something is just not right? She figures it out because their hair still smells like wet dog, and there is still dirt on their legs.

17. The movies that reside in a Mom of Boys house are the following: Transformers 1,2 and 3, Deer Hunting DVD's, The Fast and The Furious DVD's,  Foot ball Movies, The Iron giant...and the list goes on and on. And just for the mom's sake, Maybe the movie Because I Said So, and Steel Magnolias!!!

18. They can go to Football Games to see their Big Brother play, and can follow along quite nicely...To the point of The Mom having to ask her 7, 8, ad 9 year old what just happened and what was the whistle for?
That is until they see little boys throwing rocks at one another, and quickly leave there mother to figure out the rules for herself!!! Selfish little Things...LOL

19. A lot of times, Moms of Boys have mainly in her closet: The Hubby's Team of choice T-Shirts, Jeans, Sweats, only 1 dress that she hasn't fit into in years, a pair of black heels, a couple (as in 2) nice shirts and shorts that match. Bras that don't fit, pants that don't fit, but by goodness, she IS going to fit into them one day!!!

20. How to Spot a Mom of Boys: Easy, it's the woman whose dead tired, wearing no makeup, has on her husbands shirt, and last but not least : SHE DOES NOT CARE... Her biggest achivement before going to the store was getting her hair brush and her teeth brushed!!!  

P.S. Most Moms of Boys have painted their toenails a pretty girly shade of pink, while her dish-pan hands looks like she should put them into a bowl of PALMOLIVE!!!

P.P.S.  Most Moms of Boys house, smells like feet, sweat, wet dog, and onions....I don't care what new products they come up with, but I have not had one yet to work!!!! So if you drop by my house, bring a clothespin for your nose.    

Monday, July 23, 2012

The One where I admit my MOM and Dad were Right.......

Some Things that I would like to tell my mother:

1. She was right about EVERYTHING!

2. I did grow up and have a daughter that ACTS JUST LIKE ME.

3. Until my Girl-Child grew into her teens, I thought I had gotten away without having the CURSE that was bestowed on me....That I would have one that acts like me, and does the same annoying things I did.

4. At anytime you want to Mom you can drop the CURSE, you can. I totally get it now MOM!!!

5. I love my mom more that Watermelons!!

6. I appreciate all the things that you did and sacrificed for me, to: a) go to the good school b)working the night shift, so that I was never alone.

7. I miss you more than words can say. I am jealous that Cindy, Cheryl and Vicky and all my Nieces and Nephews, and their children get to see you when they want.

8. Did I mention you were right about EVERYTHING?

9. You took the abuse from me when I was a whining teenager, loaded with attitude, and thinking that you so don't get things.

10. I realize that you spend 17 years waiting to get OUT of YOUR Mama's house, only to wish you could go back in time. I've realized that I had it good at home, and I should have stayed longer....

11. When i'm upset about something, just talking to you settles me down. How do you do that? We are 12 hours away, but you make me feel better immediately..

12. In another words I LOVE YOU MOM (AND GRANNY RICE) so much that it hurts sometimes!!

Now, Here's some things that I would like to tell my dad:

1. Your were right about Everything, including which boys were keepers, and which ones to get rid of promptly!!!

2. I was TOO LISTENING...most of the time

3. I didn't forget the good stuff, Like when you and Mom took my best friend to Disney World. That was Epic!!! Or when we went to Dolly Wood.

4.Thanks for the LECTURES, I listened to them usually, but know that I have kids, I so totally don't know how you didn't throttle me!!! 

5. You taught drilled in to me, the need to turn off all the lights in the house, even if I was just leaving my room to go to the bathroom. *I find myself doing these exact same things*. And even answering the kids questions about why they need to turn off the light.* I tell them when they pay the electric bill, they can keep every light on in the house, but until then, MY ROOM, MY HOUSE!!!

6. I still believe that If I rub your bald head that a $20.00 bill will magically appear. What? don't laugh people..... I am so the Favorite of all my siblings...LOL

7. I appreciate that fact that after Band Camp initiation (you made me ride in the back) that you hosed me off with the hose pipe, then let me go through our house sopping wet. You didn't even flinch, tho I smelled like a dead dog. And you let me take as long a shower as I needed!!!

8. Thanks for buying me my first car. A 1991 Chevy Beretta!!!   I was thrilled with it!!!

9. Thanks for driving all the way to Sumiton Elem School, and then Dora High School even though I know you were tired. But you wanted what's best for you daughter,

10. Thanks for all the trips to Cheerleading practice EVER SINGLE DAY!!!!!

11. That I love my papa very much....

12. Thanks for being a good Role Model for me and my sisters!!

With all of those reasons (and there were SEVERAL Thousand more) I am eternally grateful, and I hope that i'm doing my best to be a good Role Model for my kids  

Thankfully yours, 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Is it time for School to Start Yet?

Ok, so i'll admit it. THESE KIDS ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! INSANE!!! This has not been a typical summer for us. For one thing, it got Hotter more quickly than ever before. And our central A/C doesn't work, so we are relying on 2 window units. That means that all of us are crowded into 2 rooms!! You can't even cook most days, but on rare occasion my Crazy-Hubby grills out and I brave the heat and cook the side items in the kitchen. Of course this doesn't happen until after 9 pm, because it is just way to hot to be in there any earlier!!! And with the Temps being in the 100's you can only send the kids outside early in the morning, and again in the evening.

But that is just the beginning of it. I've been reading on some blogs, and they say that if I think about the kids going back to school in July, then there is something wrong with me. The blog actually said something along the lines of "Maybe the parent needs to be retrained into loving/liking her kids" WTFudge?  When I read that, I was all like, "oh no she didn't". I LOVE MY KIDS,  Heck on most day's I even LIKE them.  I don't feel like me, having a desire for school to start back, is so bad. But I don't know, maybe i'm the exception, not the rule. No, scratch that, I know PLENTY of mom's who feel this same way.

Let me give you some example of how things are at my house with only 2 rooms to use:

1. Crowded. 
2. In the THINGS room, where the other A/C is located there are : A set of bunk-beds, a queen size  mattress on the floor, 2 toy chest, 2 dressers, and finally 2 TV's. (one for watching, one for the X-Box)
3. Crowded...oh wait I have already said that.
4. Stinky. It seems that having all the THINGS and Man-child in one room is like being in a gas chamber!!
5. The THINGS love to jump on the mattress on the floor. However, they aren't polite enough to ask Man-Child, and Girl-child to move before the jumping then a fight breaks out!!! LOL
6. All the kids are sick of eating sandwiches, or microwave meals!!! But it's just so dang hot that I only cook on occasion.
7. Nobody can agree on what channel to watch!!! And we don't have cable or satelite, so they only have to choose from like, 20 channels!!!
8. Even though we are stuffed into 2 rooms, Girl-Child and Man-Child's friends still want to come over. Like what? We don't have cable, don't have the pool set up, it's 90 degrees in all the other rooms, and their friends still wanna come over? I don't know whether to be flattered, or scared?
9. There is absolutely NO PRIVACY!!!! You can't so much as fart without everyone knowing it.
10. It is very hard NOT to get on each others nerves!!!

So these are some of the reason's that I can't wait until school starts.

But wait, there's more....

I don't know about your kids, but mine eat when they are bored. So we have had to re-arrange how and when we shop for groceries. Usually, I do one BIG shopping trip, then just go to the store when we are out of bread, milk. etc.. But now we have to do 3 shopping trip a week, in order to not have TOO much food on hand. Because if it's in the house, the kids Will find it.  

There are some Pro's to having the kids home with me.
1. We don't have to wake up at 5:30 am in order to get Man-child, and Girl-Child to school.
2. No more bedtimes for the kids......wait, that's a con....How did that get in here?
3. No more notes from the teacher telling me that THING 1,2,or 3 did this, or that....
4. We get to go swimming in the local watering hole.... affectionately called the MARL HOLE.  It is an old rock quarry that's probably 100 feet deep. But don't worry MOM, we only stay in the shallow end !!
5. We have met new friends while swimming at the Marl Hole.
6. The kids get to shoot their BB guns.
7.  I get lots of Hugs and Kisses from my kids.
8. Did I mention that we get to sleep in?
9. We get to eat icecream, and popsicles ALOT.
10. I get to see all my kid's SMILING faces everyday!!! And the "MOM, YOU ARE SO LAME" look, and the "ROLLING OF THE EYES" look.

So tell me, What do you think? Am I a bad MOM for wishing that school would start soon (for my own sanity and the sanity of the kids)? Do you believe what the blogger said about "needing to re-trained into Loving/Liking my kids again"? Or do you think that i'm a Regular Mom, who has had a stressful summer?
What ever you think, leave me a comment...

Ready for school to start back,

Friday, July 20, 2012

My Mama told me that there Would be Day's like This

Did ya ever just have one of those days? You know the one i'm talking about. The one where you want to go back to bed, the very moment that your eye's open. The one where you know that your in a bad mood, even before you kids peel open your eye's and start going "Mama, mama". Well if you don't know about days like this, then Congratulations, your NOT human... LOL
So today was my day. I started off innocently enough, with me waking up Girl-Child at 6:50 so she could babysit for the neighbors. Then I headed back to bed and begged that no one so much as even farts loud, because I was not ready for the day. Fast forward, oh, about 30 minutes, and I heard the Oh so Familiar wine of the dog wanting to be let out....then came the pitter-patter of little feet (the same pitter-patter that I used to think was so cute)...So I did what any good mother would do... I got up pretended to be asleep, just so maybe they would go back to sleep....Bwahhha... That was not the case. And I could feel it coming on, the out and out B@tch fest that was going to happen very soon. (hello PMS)... I tried to ignore everybody, and instructed them to get their own cereal for breakfast (while I was giving them the Stink Eye)... The chaos that ensued was EPIC. I know better than to let the THINGS loose. I am well aware of what can happen in the span of a few moments. But Alas, I'm a hard- head. And by the age of 9, I could get myself a bowl of cereal without making a mess.....(I hear you snickering Mother, I was an ANGEL)... :)
I go into the kitchen, and what awaited me was Shocking.... There was no cereal left (I just bought it the night before), the milk was left out, there was Cheerios and sugar everywhere. So once again, I did what any good mother would do, I cleaned ignored the heck out of it. Made myself a pancake, and ate it at the table, surrounded by mushed cereal and sugar everywhere.  Stubborn, remember? So after my pancake, and the screaming match that followed with a bunch of "it wasn't me" (that is a Shaggy song remember) "and I didn't do it" etc.... Which got on my nerves in about 7.6 seconds. So I told them to clean up the mess, again giving them the stink eye, and went back to my bedroom....
After that, they started bouncing the ball that they had just bought (see other post ) all around the house. I mean seriously, did the THINGS have a meeting and discussed how to aggravate me the most? Then it was Man-child, and Girl- child fighting, the dog barking, the THINGS bouncing that darn ball (which got busted by Buddy the Dog....Good Dog) and I HAD HAD IT!!!
Then I turn on the T.V and see what has happened in Aurora, Colorado, and I feel STUPID and Silly! Here I am getting mad at the kids for making a mess in the kitchen, when those parent's whose children were killed, would do anything to have them back and making messes in their own kitchen. I realized that it could have easily been my kids who were in that Theater. For goodness sake, Man-child, and Girl-child, wanted to go see the movie when it came out, here in North Carolina.
Things like this tragedy, in Colorado, should wake us up as a nation. I know that it sure did WAKE ME UP today.

My thought's and Prayers are with you people of Aurora Colorado,

Monday, July 16, 2012

The one where I wet MY Pants

I'll wait while you read that title again.....Yep, Keep Laughing....Ok, stop. I mean it!!!
So you may be wondering how I wet my pants, right? Well to get to that answer I must tell you how it got to that point. Having many kids in different age groups, we often have built in babysitters, so we don't have to take the little ones every where we go. But today was different. Girl-child was already booked to babysit an ADORABLE little boy named Brayden, and hello Mom it's a paying job. :) And Man-Child was at a friends house and then to Football Practice later in the afternoon. Soooo, after we picked Things 1, 2 and 3 up from their Summer Enrichment Program, we had to head to the Feed Store. No biggie, right? Only they haven't been to this particular Feed Store before and wanted to go inside. So we go inside,!! I've never seen a 7 year old so engrossed in Flea Spray!! And they had things for Horses, and they had seeds for your garden....etc,etc... Anyhoo, what was easily a 10 minute trip inside this country store, took at least 30 minutes. So we loaded all the THINGS back up and went to go home.
Are we at the part where I wet my pants? Not yet!! Keep your britches on.
Anyway we get all the way home, only to realize that we didn't get exactly what we need, and we need to go back to the Feed Store!!!!!  So we load everyone back up and off we go again. The THINGS don't seem to mind. It's like an adventure to them. So by the time we get back to the Feed Store (and this time only hubby went in) and get what we needed (again). We go to leave and the driveway was blocked by a tow truck trying to pick up a truck that was stuck in the parking lot!!! After maneuvering around this we headed back home. But no, now they've decided that they are hungry, and need to eat now.
Are we at the part where I wet my pants? YES
So we stop by this little country restaurant, intending to get just a quick bite to eat and be on our way.......We should know better by now, that nothing goes fast when the THINGS are involved. Before we even place our order, all of the Things had to go to the bathroom....TWICE....So finally after much deliberation, we place our order and were told it could take about 20 minutes for everything to be done. Ok, no problem.....HMMMM... How do you keep The THINGS occupied and behaved for 20 minutes before their food arrives. Let me tell you. You take a tour of tiny restaurant, talk to it's usual diners, go back to the bathroom and let them compare the difference between the Girls Bathroom v/s the Boys Bathroom. Thankfully, the waitress had brought us some hush puppies to eat, so we set about eating 2 basket full of those. And  talking to the kids about their Summer Enrichment Classes, and making said Hush puppies dance....and no THING 3, you can't shove a hush puppie up your nose...ok,ok, maybe you CAN but you Shouldn't!!!! So THING 1 picks up a hush puppie that is in the shape of a we all set about looking for more Alphabet hush puppies...I find one, and hold it up, and ask what does this one say....only in my hurry to be the first to find another Alphabet one, I SPILLED THE ENTIRE CUP OF DR. PEPPER IN MY LAP!!!! Much to the delight of my kids, and much to the akward embarresment of me....And I know that Hubby was laughing behind his napkin....(note to husband, I WILL GET YOU BACK)...So I had to do the walk of shame, while Dr. Pepper leaked down my legs, and made a trail all the way to the bathroom. If I was only pregnant, I could have yelled "MY WATER JUST BROKE" and walked out with my head held high. But alas, my pregnancy days are behind me...way,way, way back behind me....Anyway, back to me, in the bathroom, tying to hold on to my dignity while I have my legs in the sink of this Country Restaurant...... By the time I had cleaned up, our waitress had cleaned up my mess (thank you very much kind waitress) and our dinner was almost done. As I entered back to the dinning area, every eye was on me and much to my dislike, a few more people had arrived, and had obviously been Briefed (get it?) about my mishap. So I walked very fast, squeaking in my flip-flops the whole way to the table. I get there and set down and the Ultimate Humiliation was when the waitress comes back, and my HUBBY casually asks her!!!! What? I am not a child....(another note to Hubby I know where you sleep). So our meal arrives and it looks delicious... We say our prayer, and begin to eat. Everything's going good....Then all of a sudden THING 3 chokes on some fried okra, and proceeds to spit up at the table...I hurry him to the woman's bathroom, to let him finish puking in the toilet....The same bathroom that was just vacated by myself...Ironic? Nope, Just a day in the life of ME...
We get him cleaned up, and back to the table we go. He doesn't eat anything else for a few minutes, while the rest of us eat. However, the waitress kept looking at us, to see which one of us was gonna do something You Tube worthy....I couldn't blame her... Finally we are done and we pay and leave...and I swear, I heard clapping..... I mean, how many times do you go to a restaurant and it's the Mom who makes the biggest mess, and draws that much attention? While the kids behaved Great!!!!
On a side note, when we were loading up the THINGS they noticed that storm clouds where coming and we needed to hurry....but not so for THING 3, he loves the weather...he said look guys, the sun is shinning down from one of the rain clouds...he said It looks like HEAVEN.......and it did, the rays of sun coming out of the storm cloud was absolutely beautiful...I wished I had my camera with me....i'd try to catch a glimpse of Heaven........
What can I say to that?

I invented some of these same thing that they think is soooo new!

Hello again. It's me. How are all y'all doing? Me? I'm going INSANE!!! It's summer break here, and sometimes the only thing about this Break, is Breaking the kids necks!! Just kidding... Although...hmmm, I will get back to you on that!!! LOL
So last night and the night before, we had a full house. As in, not the normal amount of Teenagers that we have, we had 2 more. I don't know if my refrigerator will ever recover (thanks to the Teenage boys)....or that my ear drum won't stop making a humming noise (that's thanks of the Teenage Girls)!!
I have noticed there is a BIG difference between when the boys stay over versus when the girls stay over. I will break them down for ya!!!

The Boys
1. Can pee without sitting down (and sprinkle everywhere)
2. They can eat like it aint nobody business!!!
3. There is always some kind of fight that breaks out....and usually one or two will storm out only to come back a few minutes later.
4. They EAT...wait I already said that....
5. Their idea of having fun is watching horror movies, and staying up all night prank calling everybody in the USA...Not kidding, this did happen...They called the Taco B311*in Hawaii* and started complaining about the food. And their dad was THERE WITH THEM AND ENCOURAGED THEM ON!!!!
6. Did I mention that they eat ALOT???????
7. They stink.
8. They like to blow things up, and since it was just 4th of July, we had plenty stuff for them to blow up!!!
9. They also like to make bond fires and roast marshmallows on a stick....and then pretend that it is some little critter on the stick so that they can make their sister and her friend run screaming around as they chase them, with what turns out to be NOTHING!!
10. Boys love their Mother...and they are polite enough to wait until you leave the room to say bad things about you......

The Girls
1.Can never write their names in the snow!!!
2. The pick at their food, and are so nice to stay and help me clean it up (although i'm beginning to suspect that the Girl-Child and her friends are about to ask me for a favor)
3. They SQUEAL, and SQUEAL, and SHRIEK at the tiniest thing!!! ALL Night LONG
4. They talk on the phone to each other even tho they are setting on opposite sides of the room. They even talk to each other's Boyfriends to see if the boy's will notice that they've switched phones!!! *Been there, done that*
5, Their idea of fun is renting any movie with Channing Tatum in it, and OOOing and AHHing....And doing their hair, and makeup, and taking WAY to much time in the bathroom.
6. Did I mention they scream alot? And do not like horror movies!
7.They Smell Terrific!!! Always....
8.They like to hide behind anyone bigger than them when the 4th of July fireworks are going on.
9.They like to eat roasted marshmallows, and try to prove that they can do it their self....even tho the guys usually have to fix it for them.
10. Girls pretend to Hate their mother while other people are around....then go right back to LOVING you and calling you the best Mommie in the world.

I'm  sure there are countless other differences, but these are the ones that I figured out the last few nights....After a long night of no sleep, cause I was on watch for the little buggers!!!
What's that? Oh, you wanna know why I stayed up and stomped around the house????????
It's because I was a teenager once a few many years ago, and I know all the secrets, and sneaky moves that they can make!!!

Hope you enjoyed,

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Random Thoughts, and Posting on the fly

It's been way to long since I've posted last. I tell myself that I will post every day other day, but somehow Life just comes up and takes over and is all like" think you got time to blog lady? Well lets see how good you are at blogging while X, Y and Z happens to ya"!!! So I thought for your pain pleasure i'd just post a few bulletins about things that have happened since I last posted. Forgive me if I ramble too much.

* Not only is our A/C in our house broke (again), the A/C compressor in the car broke also. Translation, we are hot and stinky no matter where we go! 

* It is not easy having only 2 A/C window units with 7 people in the house. We are constantly on top of each other.

* Our refrigerator decided to go on the fritz, and we lost over $200.00 in groceries.

* Hubby and Man-child tried to fix it, but it is still doing the same thing. So we use our chest freezer as a deep freeze, and our freezer on top of the fridge as our refrigerator. Milk and sandwich meat, etc have to go in there now.

* We can't afford for an A/C repair man to come and fix our A/C. We think we are low on Freon, but won't know until we can afford for the repair man to come and take a look. That will cost $95.00 just to set foot on my land. Then another $40.00 each pound of Freon that he needs!!! OUCH!!

* We had a small fire in the kitchen, when something ( a mouse i think) chewed thru the power cord that goes to the dishwasher, and I was wondering why my washing machine wasn't working, so I made hubby see if the breaker was was blown. So while he was fiddling with it I was trying to catch up on our ever growing pile of dishes the old fashion way, and low and behold sparks were coming from my dishwasher unto my feet!!! Not cool

*We need a new tire, and our CV joint is bad on drivers side in our sports car minivan.

However, I have lots of things to be grateful for, so I thought i'd list a few of those too.

* My kids are healthy, happy, and having fun this summer! 

* My little ones love the Summer Enrichment Program that they go to at their school!

* Girl-child finally got accepted into SW high!!! (we had to fight the school board on that one)

* Man-Child is absolutely LOVING High school Football!!! Downside of this is he needs new cleats, and they ain't cheap. Size 14-15 football cleats don't come cheap!!

* My niece J, had a beautiful baby girl, who I can't wait to get my hands on!

* Girl-child had a FANTASTIC time at ECU summer Choral camp. She was there, in dorms for a week without us. And we went to her concert, and the skill level that these students had was AMAZING!! She made lots of friends there, and hopes to go there next summer ( but IDK, it was about $500.00 to go)!!!

* Hubby, is well just Hubby....enough said

* Going to the local watering hole to swim and fish and have friends show up!!! It's a blast

Well, there you have it.....That sums up the last few weeks (at least the PG rated ones that I can talk about)!!! LOL

Hit me back if you have any questions about anything (I am a Mom of Many), and be sure to leave a comment.... I will respond to each comment, and would love if you'd join this blog!!! It's quick and easy!!!