Saturday, July 28, 2012

A day in the Life of ME, a Random post

So today I did the following:

Woke up, wished I could go back to sleep.

Went into kitchen to find out that the THINGS had destroyed it.

Have you ever tried to scrape Fruity Pebbles off the table/floor/wall? It's not fun,

Checked my email....Got some sweet Freebies from one of my favorite sites.

Settled an argument that about who is better? A DECEPTICON, OR AN AUTOBOT?

Pulled the THINGS apart after another fight...ugh, between everything else that I do, it seems like they are always rolling on the floor like puppies fighting!!!

Checked on Girl-Child while she was babysitting next door. And got me some good Brayden Lovin!!!
*I swear, whenever I get the stupid idea hankering for another baby, I just steal hers and give him back when i'm all played out*

Hubby was on the front porch and called for me, so I dropped what I was doing to see what was going on...and lo and behold, our OTHER neighbors little girl a 4 year old had decided to leave her house and go all the way to the mail box and play IN THE ROAD... And out I went, like Flash Gordon!!
My hubby and the THINGS said that they didn't know that I could run that fast!!!! But I got to her in time and she didn't have a scratch on her. While I was clutching   bringing her back to her mama who came running out when she realized that her daughter was gone. We have a pond in front of our house *not ours*
and things could have been a lot worse. Now don't get me wrong, my kids have escaped before, so I know what she feels like. And when I asked her where she was going she said " I DORA!! I MAILBOX!!! Sweet little thing. We are so fortunate, that she is safe and sound.

Then after all that me and Hubby went to Walmart by our-self ... It was a HAWT DATE!!! I could have wandered all around the store, but hubby hates the store and wanted to Hurry up.

And last, but not least, we pulled all the labels off of beer and wine bottles to use as props on the Set of     The Hollow Oak, a movie that is directed by the talented Director Chris Maney!!! Being a Production Assistant is fun, and i get to learn what REALLY goes on behind the cameras!!! Plus Man-Child and Girl Child has some parts in it, so it's really fun...

Here's the pics to prove that we cleaned all the bottles:

and here is the coolest baby in the world: (beside mine)

* I must also say that I did 5 loads of laundry, did 3 loads of dishes, checked my facebook, etc....

So goes in A DAY IN THE LIFE OF ME....


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