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Monday, July 16, 2012

I invented some of these same thing that they think is soooo new!

Hello again. It's me. How are all y'all doing? Me? I'm going INSANE!!! It's summer break here, and sometimes the only thing about this Break, is Breaking the kids necks!! Just kidding... Although...hmmm, I will get back to you on that!!! LOL
So last night and the night before, we had a full house. As in, not the normal amount of Teenagers that we have, we had 2 more. I don't know if my refrigerator will ever recover (thanks to the Teenage boys)....or that my ear drum won't stop making a humming noise (that's thanks of the Teenage Girls)!!
I have noticed there is a BIG difference between when the boys stay over versus when the girls stay over. I will break them down for ya!!!

The Boys
1. Can pee without sitting down (and sprinkle everywhere)
2. They can eat like it aint nobody business!!!
3. There is always some kind of fight that breaks out....and usually one or two will storm out only to come back a few minutes later.
4. They EAT...wait I already said that....
5. Their idea of having fun is watching horror movies, and staying up all night prank calling everybody in the USA...Not kidding, this did happen...They called the Taco B311*in Hawaii* and started complaining about the food. And their dad was THERE WITH THEM AND ENCOURAGED THEM ON!!!!
6. Did I mention that they eat ALOT???????
7. They stink.
8. They like to blow things up, and since it was just 4th of July, we had plenty stuff for them to blow up!!!
9. They also like to make bond fires and roast marshmallows on a stick....and then pretend that it is some little critter on the stick so that they can make their sister and her friend run screaming around as they chase them, with what turns out to be NOTHING!!
10. Boys love their Mother...and they are polite enough to wait until you leave the room to say bad things about you......

The Girls
1.Can never write their names in the snow!!!
2. The pick at their food, and are so nice to stay and help me clean it up (although i'm beginning to suspect that the Girl-Child and her friends are about to ask me for a favor)
3. They SQUEAL, and SQUEAL, and SHRIEK at the tiniest thing!!! ALL Night LONG
4. They talk on the phone to each other even tho they are setting on opposite sides of the room. They even talk to each other's Boyfriends to see if the boy's will notice that they've switched phones!!! *Been there, done that*
5, Their idea of fun is renting any movie with Channing Tatum in it, and OOOing and AHHing....And doing their hair, and makeup, and taking WAY to much time in the bathroom.
6. Did I mention they scream alot? And do not like horror movies!
7.They Smell Terrific!!! Always....
8.They like to hide behind anyone bigger than them when the 4th of July fireworks are going on.
9.They like to eat roasted marshmallows, and try to prove that they can do it their self....even tho the guys usually have to fix it for them.
10. Girls pretend to Hate their mother while other people are around....then go right back to LOVING you and calling you the best Mommie in the world.

I'm  sure there are countless other differences, but these are the ones that I figured out the last few nights....After a long night of no sleep, cause I was on watch for the little buggers!!!
What's that? Oh, you wanna know why I stayed up and stomped around the house????????
It's because I was a teenager once a few many years ago, and I know all the secrets, and sneaky moves that they can make!!!

Hope you enjoyed,

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