Sunday, July 22, 2012

Is it time for School to Start Yet?

Ok, so i'll admit it. THESE KIDS ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! INSANE!!! This has not been a typical summer for us. For one thing, it got Hotter more quickly than ever before. And our central A/C doesn't work, so we are relying on 2 window units. That means that all of us are crowded into 2 rooms!! You can't even cook most days, but on rare occasion my Crazy-Hubby grills out and I brave the heat and cook the side items in the kitchen. Of course this doesn't happen until after 9 pm, because it is just way to hot to be in there any earlier!!! And with the Temps being in the 100's you can only send the kids outside early in the morning, and again in the evening.

But that is just the beginning of it. I've been reading on some blogs, and they say that if I think about the kids going back to school in July, then there is something wrong with me. The blog actually said something along the lines of "Maybe the parent needs to be retrained into loving/liking her kids" WTFudge?  When I read that, I was all like, "oh no she didn't". I LOVE MY KIDS,  Heck on most day's I even LIKE them.  I don't feel like me, having a desire for school to start back, is so bad. But I don't know, maybe i'm the exception, not the rule. No, scratch that, I know PLENTY of mom's who feel this same way.

Let me give you some example of how things are at my house with only 2 rooms to use:

1. Crowded. 
2. In the THINGS room, where the other A/C is located there are : A set of bunk-beds, a queen size  mattress on the floor, 2 toy chest, 2 dressers, and finally 2 TV's. (one for watching, one for the X-Box)
3. Crowded...oh wait I have already said that.
4. Stinky. It seems that having all the THINGS and Man-child in one room is like being in a gas chamber!!
5. The THINGS love to jump on the mattress on the floor. However, they aren't polite enough to ask Man-Child, and Girl-child to move before the jumping then a fight breaks out!!! LOL
6. All the kids are sick of eating sandwiches, or microwave meals!!! But it's just so dang hot that I only cook on occasion.
7. Nobody can agree on what channel to watch!!! And we don't have cable or satelite, so they only have to choose from like, 20 channels!!!
8. Even though we are stuffed into 2 rooms, Girl-Child and Man-Child's friends still want to come over. Like what? We don't have cable, don't have the pool set up, it's 90 degrees in all the other rooms, and their friends still wanna come over? I don't know whether to be flattered, or scared?
9. There is absolutely NO PRIVACY!!!! You can't so much as fart without everyone knowing it.
10. It is very hard NOT to get on each others nerves!!!

So these are some of the reason's that I can't wait until school starts.

But wait, there's more....

I don't know about your kids, but mine eat when they are bored. So we have had to re-arrange how and when we shop for groceries. Usually, I do one BIG shopping trip, then just go to the store when we are out of bread, milk. etc.. But now we have to do 3 shopping trip a week, in order to not have TOO much food on hand. Because if it's in the house, the kids Will find it.  

There are some Pro's to having the kids home with me.
1. We don't have to wake up at 5:30 am in order to get Man-child, and Girl-Child to school.
2. No more bedtimes for the kids......wait, that's a con....How did that get in here?
3. No more notes from the teacher telling me that THING 1,2,or 3 did this, or that....
4. We get to go swimming in the local watering hole.... affectionately called the MARL HOLE.  It is an old rock quarry that's probably 100 feet deep. But don't worry MOM, we only stay in the shallow end !!
5. We have met new friends while swimming at the Marl Hole.
6. The kids get to shoot their BB guns.
7.  I get lots of Hugs and Kisses from my kids.
8. Did I mention that we get to sleep in?
9. We get to eat icecream, and popsicles ALOT.
10. I get to see all my kid's SMILING faces everyday!!! And the "MOM, YOU ARE SO LAME" look, and the "ROLLING OF THE EYES" look.

So tell me, What do you think? Am I a bad MOM for wishing that school would start soon (for my own sanity and the sanity of the kids)? Do you believe what the blogger said about "needing to re-trained into Loving/Liking my kids again"? Or do you think that i'm a Regular Mom, who has had a stressful summer?
What ever you think, leave me a comment...

Ready for school to start back,

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