Friday, July 20, 2012

My Mama told me that there Would be Day's like This

Did ya ever just have one of those days? You know the one i'm talking about. The one where you want to go back to bed, the very moment that your eye's open. The one where you know that your in a bad mood, even before you kids peel open your eye's and start going "Mama, mama". Well if you don't know about days like this, then Congratulations, your NOT human... LOL
So today was my day. I started off innocently enough, with me waking up Girl-Child at 6:50 so she could babysit for the neighbors. Then I headed back to bed and begged that no one so much as even farts loud, because I was not ready for the day. Fast forward, oh, about 30 minutes, and I heard the Oh so Familiar wine of the dog wanting to be let out....then came the pitter-patter of little feet (the same pitter-patter that I used to think was so cute)...So I did what any good mother would do... I got up pretended to be asleep, just so maybe they would go back to sleep....Bwahhha... That was not the case. And I could feel it coming on, the out and out B@tch fest that was going to happen very soon. (hello PMS)... I tried to ignore everybody, and instructed them to get their own cereal for breakfast (while I was giving them the Stink Eye)... The chaos that ensued was EPIC. I know better than to let the THINGS loose. I am well aware of what can happen in the span of a few moments. But Alas, I'm a hard- head. And by the age of 9, I could get myself a bowl of cereal without making a mess.....(I hear you snickering Mother, I was an ANGEL)... :)
I go into the kitchen, and what awaited me was Shocking.... There was no cereal left (I just bought it the night before), the milk was left out, there was Cheerios and sugar everywhere. So once again, I did what any good mother would do, I cleaned ignored the heck out of it. Made myself a pancake, and ate it at the table, surrounded by mushed cereal and sugar everywhere.  Stubborn, remember? So after my pancake, and the screaming match that followed with a bunch of "it wasn't me" (that is a Shaggy song remember) "and I didn't do it" etc.... Which got on my nerves in about 7.6 seconds. So I told them to clean up the mess, again giving them the stink eye, and went back to my bedroom....
After that, they started bouncing the ball that they had just bought (see other post ) all around the house. I mean seriously, did the THINGS have a meeting and discussed how to aggravate me the most? Then it was Man-child, and Girl- child fighting, the dog barking, the THINGS bouncing that darn ball (which got busted by Buddy the Dog....Good Dog) and I HAD HAD IT!!!
Then I turn on the T.V and see what has happened in Aurora, Colorado, and I feel STUPID and Silly! Here I am getting mad at the kids for making a mess in the kitchen, when those parent's whose children were killed, would do anything to have them back and making messes in their own kitchen. I realized that it could have easily been my kids who were in that Theater. For goodness sake, Man-child, and Girl-child, wanted to go see the movie when it came out, here in North Carolina.
Things like this tragedy, in Colorado, should wake us up as a nation. I know that it sure did WAKE ME UP today.

My thought's and Prayers are with you people of Aurora Colorado,

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