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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Random Thoughts, and Posting on the fly

It's been way to long since I've posted last. I tell myself that I will post every day other day, but somehow Life just comes up and takes over and is all like" think you got time to blog lady? Well lets see how good you are at blogging while X, Y and Z happens to ya"!!! So I thought for your pain pleasure i'd just post a few bulletins about things that have happened since I last posted. Forgive me if I ramble too much.

* Not only is our A/C in our house broke (again), the A/C compressor in the car broke also. Translation, we are hot and stinky no matter where we go! 

* It is not easy having only 2 A/C window units with 7 people in the house. We are constantly on top of each other.

* Our refrigerator decided to go on the fritz, and we lost over $200.00 in groceries.

* Hubby and Man-child tried to fix it, but it is still doing the same thing. So we use our chest freezer as a deep freeze, and our freezer on top of the fridge as our refrigerator. Milk and sandwich meat, etc have to go in there now.

* We can't afford for an A/C repair man to come and fix our A/C. We think we are low on Freon, but won't know until we can afford for the repair man to come and take a look. That will cost $95.00 just to set foot on my land. Then another $40.00 each pound of Freon that he needs!!! OUCH!!

* We had a small fire in the kitchen, when something ( a mouse i think) chewed thru the power cord that goes to the dishwasher, and I was wondering why my washing machine wasn't working, so I made hubby see if the breaker was was blown. So while he was fiddling with it I was trying to catch up on our ever growing pile of dishes the old fashion way, and low and behold sparks were coming from my dishwasher unto my feet!!! Not cool

*We need a new tire, and our CV joint is bad on drivers side in our sports car minivan.

However, I have lots of things to be grateful for, so I thought i'd list a few of those too.

* My kids are healthy, happy, and having fun this summer! 

* My little ones love the Summer Enrichment Program that they go to at their school!

* Girl-child finally got accepted into SW high!!! (we had to fight the school board on that one)

* Man-Child is absolutely LOVING High school Football!!! Downside of this is he needs new cleats, and they ain't cheap. Size 14-15 football cleats don't come cheap!!

* My niece J, had a beautiful baby girl, who I can't wait to get my hands on!

* Girl-child had a FANTASTIC time at ECU summer Choral camp. She was there, in dorms for a week without us. And we went to her concert, and the skill level that these students had was AMAZING!! She made lots of friends there, and hopes to go there next summer ( but IDK, it was about $500.00 to go)!!!

* Hubby, is well just Hubby....enough said

* Going to the local watering hole to swim and fish and have friends show up!!! It's a blast

Well, there you have it.....That sums up the last few weeks (at least the PG rated ones that I can talk about)!!! LOL

Hit me back if you have any questions about anything (I am a Mom of Many), and be sure to leave a comment.... I will respond to each comment, and would love if you'd join this blog!!! It's quick and easy!!!


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