Monday, July 23, 2012

The One where I admit my MOM and Dad were Right.......

Some Things that I would like to tell my mother:

1. She was right about EVERYTHING!

2. I did grow up and have a daughter that ACTS JUST LIKE ME.

3. Until my Girl-Child grew into her teens, I thought I had gotten away without having the CURSE that was bestowed on me....That I would have one that acts like me, and does the same annoying things I did.

4. At anytime you want to Mom you can drop the CURSE, you can. I totally get it now MOM!!!

5. I love my mom more that Watermelons!!

6. I appreciate all the things that you did and sacrificed for me, to: a) go to the good school b)working the night shift, so that I was never alone.

7. I miss you more than words can say. I am jealous that Cindy, Cheryl and Vicky and all my Nieces and Nephews, and their children get to see you when they want.

8. Did I mention you were right about EVERYTHING?

9. You took the abuse from me when I was a whining teenager, loaded with attitude, and thinking that you so don't get things.

10. I realize that you spend 17 years waiting to get OUT of YOUR Mama's house, only to wish you could go back in time. I've realized that I had it good at home, and I should have stayed longer....

11. When i'm upset about something, just talking to you settles me down. How do you do that? We are 12 hours away, but you make me feel better immediately..

12. In another words I LOVE YOU MOM (AND GRANNY RICE) so much that it hurts sometimes!!

Now, Here's some things that I would like to tell my dad:

1. Your were right about Everything, including which boys were keepers, and which ones to get rid of promptly!!!

2. I was TOO LISTENING...most of the time

3. I didn't forget the good stuff, Like when you and Mom took my best friend to Disney World. That was Epic!!! Or when we went to Dolly Wood.

4.Thanks for the LECTURES, I listened to them usually, but know that I have kids, I so totally don't know how you didn't throttle me!!! 

5. You taught drilled in to me, the need to turn off all the lights in the house, even if I was just leaving my room to go to the bathroom. *I find myself doing these exact same things*. And even answering the kids questions about why they need to turn off the light.* I tell them when they pay the electric bill, they can keep every light on in the house, but until then, MY ROOM, MY HOUSE!!!

6. I still believe that If I rub your bald head that a $20.00 bill will magically appear. What? don't laugh people..... I am so the Favorite of all my siblings...LOL

7. I appreciate that fact that after Band Camp initiation (you made me ride in the back) that you hosed me off with the hose pipe, then let me go through our house sopping wet. You didn't even flinch, tho I smelled like a dead dog. And you let me take as long a shower as I needed!!!

8. Thanks for buying me my first car. A 1991 Chevy Beretta!!!   I was thrilled with it!!!

9. Thanks for driving all the way to Sumiton Elem School, and then Dora High School even though I know you were tired. But you wanted what's best for you daughter,

10. Thanks for all the trips to Cheerleading practice EVER SINGLE DAY!!!!!

11. That I love my papa very much....

12. Thanks for being a good Role Model for me and my sisters!!

With all of those reasons (and there were SEVERAL Thousand more) I am eternally grateful, and I hope that i'm doing my best to be a good Role Model for my kids  

Thankfully yours, 

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