Thursday, August 9, 2012

Are you ready for some Football????

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.
All of us have been getting ready for the new South West High FootBall season. Getting Man-Child cleats, a face shield (he wears contacts), gotta get him some Line-Man gloves.

Plus all the other, getting ready to go back to school shopping. This just wears me out. We went and spent $200.00 bucks at Wal-Mart and still didn't get everything on their list.

And Man-Child and Girl-Child doesn't get their list until like the day before, and it just makes me crazy. So while everything is on sale, I get what I think they need, and the extra stuff for the house, and hope that I'm near enough right that they will just need a few extra things for High School.

Man-Child and Girl-Child go to the same high school now, her in 9th grade, him in 11th.
Girl-Child is at Freshman orientation right now, so I figured that I would type a few words here before I go back and get her. And being the kind brother he is *ahem* he is babysitting the fabulous Baby B for her to go (that's the baby she's sitting for for a few weeks)......

You should have seen the Foot Ball Scrimmage last night. Boy was it exciting!!!!
I got to watch about half of it because the THINGS cannot be trusted, and had to run, run, run everywhere.

I brought Girl-Child along to help, but after a few minutes she saw some friends that she hadn't seen all summer and went all gossiping goose on me....... Left me high and dry with the THINGS.....

Most of the pics I took turned out ok, I don't know how, because they were hanging on my legs, complaining that it was hot....etc......

I got some good pics of my baby, err, I mean Man-Child..... Wanna SEE?

As you can tell if Crazy-hubby and him were standing side by side, umm, Man-Child is taller, and bigger!

He was smiling because he had just creamed somebody.......I know, BARBARIC right? Wrong, I'm from Alabama, and I love me some High School Football!!!

How about a short clip to see him in action? He's number 78....

Now how about some of that?

Well, we have a full day ahead of us, with last minute doctors appointments, and life in general....So I hope to blog some more tonight. There is so much more to tell....

But at least you can look at the pictures and video's and smile....or cringe, if Foot Ball isn't your thing...

Ready for Some Foot Ball,

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