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Sunday, August 12, 2012


I think yall all know a little bit about me by now. There are some things that you are all probably wondering about, like the whole his mine and ours thing. I don't like to comment on which ones are "MINE" which ones are "HIS" and which ones are "OURS". But just in case you are new here, or just want a review....,,,,,,   Here goes:

I have a 17 y/o old son named Man-Child.
I have a 15 y/o old daughter named Girl-Child
He has a 16 y/o old son named J.S.
He has a 13 year y/o son named D.H.
We have a 9 y/o son named THING 1
We have a 8 y/o son named THING 2
and last, but certainly not least............
We have a 7 y/o son named THING 3

*all names have been Changed so that they can be anonymous to fake names that I chose for the embarrassing factor.*

Now here comes the hard part::
Man-child, Girl-child have been with my crazy-hubby and I since 2002...I mean that i've have them since birth, but the Crazy Hubby has been with them since 2002.
And obviously the THINGS have been with both of us since we were born,

We don't like to just say hey, we only have 5 cause that is not at all true, We have 7 and that is true, He treats *MINE* just like they are his. And except for the DNA, THEY ARE HIS..... If you don't believe me, look at the last post or so, and see Crazy-Hubby and Man-Child, they look alot alike, and if I didn't tell anyone, then nobody would ever guess.

J.S, and D.H. live a few states away, and we don't get to see them that much any more.
I breaks mine and hubby's heart to not see them everyday, but it is what it is.

There was a time for a few years where we had all the kids together, but then they moved.
This is why I never say much about them in ways of doctors appoinments and school and silly stuff they do.

Now maybe you know why I only talk about 5 kids usually....
And maybe I should change my Profile, where it talks about 6 boys+1 girl+crazy-hubby=2many2count.....
But I won't, because that would mean that i don't acknowledge His boys as mine, BUT I DO....And mabye one day we will all be under one roof again. I love them just like I love all the kids.....

I just wanted y'all to know, and even though it was hard to write, it had to be said.

Truthfully yours,

If your gonna leave a rude or hurtful comment, just keep it to your self....

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