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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ok, my computer is going to HP shop today, so I will be back soon!

Hey, I hope that my loyal readers will forgive me for not posting in the last few days. But my laptop is broken. and it is the only computer in the house with internet on it (that helps us make sure that our kids are protected from the bad stuff on the internet). HP tells me that it can take up to 2 weeks to fix, but the last time I sent it in for repair it only took one week. Hope Springs eternal...... I've got so much to blog about with school starting and all, and many pictures to show, but they will have to wait until I get this fixed.
My hope is that you will check back with me frequently *and don't forget me : ( * and maybe re-read some of my older posts. I value each and everyone of you readers and I don't wont to loose any one of you. So please bare with me while the computer is in the shop.
I am already going thru internet withdrawals, not getting to read the fightingofffrumpy blog that I read, and all and the others blogs that I find hilarious, some that you can find links for here. And i'm going to miss my friends that I have made new and old on my journey thru blogging. Oh and Facebook.....that's a tuffy for me....It's like my crack (this according to Crazy-Hubby) but what does he know, hes's crazy after all.


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