Sunday, August 12, 2012

You know your a Mom of Many When:

You know your a Mom Of Many when:

There is a line to go to the bathroom....always

When you (the adults) go to take a shower, you have to:
Take out 10 matchbox cars, 1 firetruck with a ladder that YOU stepped on while getting in the shower.

Unstop the drain that's filled with Girl-Child's Hair pins....

Remove (after you are in the shower and have stepped on it) the plastic little things that are put on razors....

Realize that your youngest has used the drain as his own personal cheese grater, just he used THE SOAP..
Get into the shower only to find out that Girl-child had used up ALL the HOT WATER...(she now is the last to get showers) And she used like 4 towels....I mean seriously chick, 1 for the hair, 1 for the body.


The Huge jar of Peanut butter you just bought last week, is now gone....

You bring home 2lbs of Turkey meat, 2 lbs of ham, and 1 lb of pepperoni, and the next day it is all gone....

You need to have 2 or more crock pots.

When you make homemade mashed potatoes, it takes the whole 10 lb bag to feed your family.

You go through a Gallon of milk a day!!

You go through a roll of Scott Tissue toilet paper a day.

You don't even bother buying the cheap paper towels, you just use a dirty towel to clean up the mess.

You find that you are quite pleased with yourself when you finish all the laundry in the house....only to have to start over again after everyone's had their daily shower.

You do over 7 loads of laundry a day, and you consider it a "light" laundry day.

When you go to tell one of your kids to stop doing something, you run down the list of all their brothers and sister names, but still can't get THAT child's name right.....

Or, when the kids are in the next room and you say " Whoever is doing that stop" and everyone stops, because everyone was doing something that they shouldn't.

You say things like: GET YOUR FINGER OUT OF.....wait for it.....YOUR BROTHER'S NOSE!!

They use the littlest one as a distraction (oh mommie i love you so much, your are the best mommie in the world) so they can get to YOUR STASH OF CANDY.........
I swear, my kids can sniff out chocolate like a hunting dog can sniff out a deer...

One time, I hid a chocolate bar in my underwear drawer (i know gross, but hey i got to do what i got to do) thinking that they would not touch mama's underwear.....But NO, they still found the chocolate

I'm sure there is more, but it is getting late, as we are trying to get back on our school schedule.
Right down to doing "homework" that I have printed off from the computer......

Many Loads of Laundry waiting to be folded,

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