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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Having complete conversations in your head is normal right?

So, how are all y'all doing? I know it's been a long time since I posted, but, life with all these kids seems to take over and things like: blogging, brushing your teeth and your hair (although hopefully with not the same brush) and shaving both your legs in 1 shower, oh yeah and trying to be a good mom takes precedence over blogging.

But you know what? I NEED TO BLOG!!! See, I already talk to my self on a regular basis...I mean full on conversations in my head.....Why do you ask? for some ADULT CONVERSATION GUYS......I mean I have my husband, bur unless your fluent in grunts and uh-huh, and flatulence, well he's pretty much useless in the gab department. I mean I start talking about outfits that are on sale 75%  off and matching shoes and purses, and his eyes pretty much glaze over.

I have friends but lets face it, I'm the old lady who lived in a shoe that has so many kids that she doesn't know what to if I talk about getting together with them it goes something like this: Did you hear about the sale going on at the mall? There are supposed to be some great this point I have to admit that no, I didn't know about the sale because every TV we own is turned to some kids channel or football game.........then they look at me with pity.....anyways, so we make plans to go, and I get all excited cause, um, I've had a baby either hanging from a boob or a hip for 17.6 years now, and I am going to get some ME TIME......

Then the night before happens...same as always, 1 of the kids throw up, which in turn makes the kid who was standing near him throw up, which makes me have mouth vomit.......hubby and I manage to get that cleaned up, and sheets, stuffed animals and blankets in the wash....medicine given.....and WE think we got it licked....HAHAHAHA......Until 2 a.m arrives and once again we hear the sound of vomit as it hits the floor/walls/nearby kids/tv/x-box you name it, my kids throw up like that chick from the EXORCIST!!!
And there, as I wipe the walls down, and try not to puke on myself, the first SELFISH tear roles down my face.....I know it's not the kids fault they are sick...but why oh why did they have to do it today???

When I was supposed to get ME time....Now I know that I could leave them with their Father, and older siblings and everything would b-e- o-k....except for everything that they have either thrown up on on even sneezed on will be piled in the laundry room waiting for me to disinfect.....SIGH......

So with much regret, I dial the DIAL OF SHAME and say I can't go, cause 5,6,7,67,91 (just insert a kids name or number here) are sick.......again.....

I'm afraid before too long, they will even forget to invite me cause this happens all the time......
And it's not just with friends, it can be a LONG AWAITED DATE WITH HUBBY WHERE KID TALK IS OFF LIMITS, BUT SEXY TALK ISN'T.........and then on of the RATS gets sick.......

So I guess for now, I'll just have complete conversations in my head ( and sometimes there not always one sided, I've been known to talk to my sisters and mom in my head) and blog more maybe I won't end up in a straight jacket.....although I do like to hug myself every now and again..... :)

Talking to you guys in my head,

If you find the blog even the tiniest bit funny, pass it along to your friends....I would love more followers, and I have a Facebook page under 2many2count.....I'll reply to every comment, good or bad.....


  1. You live my life. I have 8 girls! I talk to myself all the time, and have decided that as long as I don't answer myself in a different voice I'm okay. Boy do I feel your pain!

  2. I'm so glad that i'm not alone in this. So far, it has been my voice that answers back....but i'll check myself in the nearest hospital if another voice answers back....not because I am scared, but for the VACATION....LOL

  3. I would have to say the vacation would be worth it! No cleaning, no laundry, no cooking or breaking up kid fights... Only problem would be, it would all be waiting for us when we got home lol.

    1. You would be so right about that. Every dish we own, and every towel etc.....would be used and not washed!!!
      I NEED A NANNY, but one that works for, like Icecream:)


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