Sunday, February 10, 2013

I know that it has been awhile, so here are some updates on what has been going on in my neck of the woods

I really should write more often. Even if no one sees it, or makes a comment about it, it helps me get rid of some stress. Why do I have stress? Um....well 6 boys and 1 girl and 1 Crazy-hubby would be enough to drive even the most sane person crazy......
Anyway, enough of the here are some pictures:

SouthWest High School made it all the way to NC IAA state Championship against Swain County.
And we kicked butts!! Final score was 43 to 34. I am not for sure who was more excited: his daddy and me, or ManChild.....He gets his ring soon. He is number 78, and sorry if there's not a lot of pics of him, although he played the whole game, I tend to focus on him and not on my camera......

Stallion Forever,

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