Sunday, March 10, 2013

My good-hearted Crazy Hubby, A True Hero...

I know.....It took me about 2 hours to write that sentence.

But today, Crazy-Hubby and Man-Child were Hero's.

They were in the yard talking to Crazy-Hubby's brother T, when Crazy-Hubby noticed that there was smoke in the distance. At first he thought maybe it was someone burning leaves, but he quickly noticed that it was growing in size.

He and Man-Child took off in the direction of the fire, and found out that it was a HUGE (to us) Forest Fire. He had already called 911, and they told him that he was the first to report the fire. They sent a fire truck and it went directly towards the fire. My C.H. and Man-Child saw that there was some houses right in the path of the fire, and went door to door telling people to get out, that they were not safe there. 911 called back and C.H. told them that they needed more than one fire truck. They waited for the other Fire Trucks to arrive and figured out that they direct route to the fire had been cut off.

Now, my Crazy-Hubby (C.H.) has grown up in these woods and knew of a way around the fire to get to the other side. So off C.H. goes with 4 Fire-Trucks in tow. He got them to the other side of the fire, and that's as far as him and Man-Child went.

We called the local news to report it, so that everyone in the area could be notified. Next thing we know the local news asked if we could try to get some pictures for them, because their reporters were on other assignments and couldn't get here in time.

So off I go, with my handy dandy Nikon camera to get some shots. And I succeed. I emailed them to the news station, and guess what? They actually used them.

Then a reporter for the station calls and does and on air interview with Crazy-Hubby (C.H.) and on one side of the tv is a picture of C.H. and on the other side are my pictures flashing by....

I would say that it was cool but it was not. Why? Because over 100 people had to be evacuated. And over 100 acres so far are destroyed. And as I write this, it is still not over with.

I pray that the Fire Fighters are staying safe. I hope no homes are destroyed. I hope no one gets hurt.

Here are a few pics to give you and idea about how big (to us) the fire is.

Hoping everyone involved is safe, and I hope the fire gets put out tonight.

Ever Hopeful,

This just in, the wild fire is mostly contained and the folks are able to go back to there houses. YES!!

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